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  1. Thanks for the advice guys much appreciated. Ordered and on way, wish me luck fitting them
  2. Hi all Well that's the MOT done. Passed with 1 advisory rear brake pads near to limit. Now I'm no expert but I can do the very basic maintenance so will attempt to do myself. What's troubling me after searching the internet is the amount of different makes that are available. So was wondering if any of you good people could point me in the right direction regarding the best make of brake pads to purchase. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Hi folks. I have spotted a ST955i for sale fairly local to me. Looks in good condition 04 reg. 6500 miles 2 owners. I was wondering what,s peoples opinions of the bike, bearing in mind I am a long way the wrong side of 60 do you think it would be suitable for such an old git. Currently ride a CBF600 not the lightest but I cope, be interested in your thoughts thanks.
  4. Nice little run around the local back roads before the rain. Ended up doing a little sortie over the border but it was worth it.
  5. Bought a Suzuki invader 200 cc new in 69 for £200 aged 16 rode it for 2years on L plates then p/xed it for a car didn't even think about bikes again until about to retire from work and decided to do DAS in 2017 passed and loving it happy days
  6. Ok thanks,taking in what your saying I think I,ll take it and get someone with a lot more knowledge than me to have a look at it. Thank again
  7. It was small movement in the bars as went up step I presumed that the bearing would need adjusting.
  8. Thanks for the imput people. Fastbob will try your suggestion tomorrow if all well Haynes manual it is ! Thanks again
  9. Hi all, While moving the bike around today I had to manoeuvre it up a small step appox 3inches anyway while doing so I felt some small movement from I presume to be the steering head bearings. Now I am no mechanic but am able to change oil/filter adjust chain etc. My question is do you think this is a job that could be tackled by a DIY person with a Haynes manual or would you take it to a motorcycle repairers, would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  10. Anybody in Northwich area ever had any dealings with Adamsons Motorcycles Northwich they have got a bike advertised and thinking of going to have a look but no nothing about the company. Cheers
  11. Thanks very much for your reply the one I am going to look at is a 60 plate with 8500 on the clock and will bear your comments in mind Thanks
  12. Hi everyone.Well after nearly 10 months with the cbf600 I think its time for a change. Am looking at a BMW F800 ST and was wondering if all of you wise and more experienced bikers could offer any advice and opinions on the bike many thanks
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