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  1. I wrote to Grant Shapps, my MP, on the virtual of extending CBTs for people who are already riding. Nicholas Langly from his office wrote: "Dear Dave, Thank you for your email to Grant. After speaking to Grant about this he has asked me to reply on his behalf. Yes, that is correct , motorcycle training and testing, including Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), has been suspended. Grant fully appreciates the challenges that this will cause learners, motorcycle instructors and trainers but the Prime Minister, on the advice of scientific advisors, was clear that we need to take
  2. There must be an area with a hundered post but I can't find it. Currently I use my phone BUT it's always 50 meters behind. Also; my cycle sat nav can program waypoints, but my car satnav and my phone can't. That's important if you want to follow a specific route. Are there any that can do that?
  3. Brand new heavy 1100cc bike for learning? Certainly not DAS. Maybe for transitioning but no school is going to buy one. I think Honda missed a trick by not squeezing a 600 into that frame, but that's a different question ..... so its back to the initial question.
  4. Just to clear this up:- From A2 to A and old enough to do it. either over 24, or 22 with 2 years experience. My wife currently has a CBT and pretty much the only bike she can get on is the Honda Rebel 500. Other bobbers and cruisers exist but they have forward pegs which are not optimal for putting your feet down (lets not debate forward pegs). So RIGHT NOW she has the option of A2 or nothing. Other low seat "A" bikes may come along one day. However the main reason for up grading might be that someone has had an A2 licence for 2 years an wants to transition ...... without having
  5. GREAT! So we all agree the rules now. what do people actually do?
  6. Really? is this true? I have never heard of it. Definitely never seen an unaccompanied MT07 with L plates.
  7. Literally asking for a friend since I passed my DAS 2 years ago (my old posts are still here and I'm 28,000 miles in btw )! What is the best way to transition to full A licence? Take lessons again? Buy a 600cc bike and just do the test? Can you even get that insured?
  8. I appreciate that different bikes have different recommendations and that people find a setting that works for them, but that does not actually answer the question; what does it do, and how do you know if its working. Is this just one of those things that we don't actually know?
  9. So the modern general tyre standard is 36psi front 42 rear. In his tuning videos Dave Moss says that this is only a starting point (like static sag, but that's another conversation). What does deviating from that standard give you? Why would you do it? How would you know it worked?
  10. OK then, what does D.I.D mean?
  11. Other than fitting a replacement OEM chain, are there good and bad brands to look out for? What about coatings? The gold colour. Presumably its for corrosion resistance. Does it work?
  12. I listen to Brazilian music. Since Its in Portuguese and I don't understand Portuguese it doesn't engage the logic part of the brain. I just let it wash over me. Actually I find that it stops me getting bored and trying to end the ride early - Speeding.
  13. You are right. It probably why I see so many old fat blokes on 1200cc ADV bikes. It not fast but at least its loud. Contentious. They can be. I've been pulled for doing 40 on a dual carriage way (avoiding some dumb fcuk slow manoeuvring from a car that turned out to be plod), my dad got pulled for doing 70 on a dual carriageway (!), and my son got randomly pulled 4 times in 2 miles. I had a long conversation with an ex-plod who believed that all bicycles should be banned from the road. If you ever read "Motorcycle Roadcraft" you'd agree that its some useful content buried in the bleedin' o
  14. I'm not suggesting a camera blocking device,flip plates or anti Radar chaff. Just an extra tail light. Quite a bright one.
  15. just idle musing, but what if you had a really bright red light next to your number plate. Would that upset the camera? I don't know if they have a colour filter.
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