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  1. Its actual a Chinese K-lite. Only 1000 miles on it, so its possible that the clutch hasn't worn in yet.
  2. My wife's bike suffers from this. Is there a standard fix that works for most bikes?
  3. Please read original post. All, It turns out that her insurer will insure for the CBT (but would cancel the policy if she failed).
  4. No, but thanks. The didn't offer a quote or a reason why.
  5. Its still cold in the mornings. so that's one thing. The only time that I really scared myself is when I found a stretch of tarmac that had be pushed down by heavy trucks (I found out later). the road just rolls away from you. taking the grip with it. Applying the throttle in the way that's usual for you may still be harsh. I know that on my bike some people complain about killing their tyres after 3000miles. Mine has over 10,000 and I cant see any wear or squaring off yet. I only know that I add throttle progressively and I don't steer with the rear. For you own piece of mi
  6. Precisely this. I can't change what that school bike are and it does not affect the fact that she can't ride them. The question is about insurance. Its genuine issue that affects a lot of people who CBTs were not extended during the pandemic. However I guess people like to clog up a thread with irrelevant points of view. That's not rude at all, is it.
  7. Don't know. Don't care. Not the subject of the thread.
  8. I can ride a motorcycle. When I took mine the guy only ran geared bikes. This school has a slot in 2 weeks time because she booked a while ago. It is what it is. There are other schools but they have a waiting list that is months long. This is the opportunity. The question is how to take advantage of it.
  9. Here's the big question. The one that NO one asks:- Why does a CBT expire after 2 years? Do skills expire? If so, why not car driving? why not the full A license? If skills DO expire, why 2 years? Is that a scientifically establish number? Exactly 2 years! why not 18 months 36? Its an arbitrary number, so why was it so hard to extent a CBT?
  10. My wife's CBT expired during Covid. She has booked to do another very soon. Obviously (probably obvious!) she is not insured to ride her bike without a CBT. However, she is super short and very limited in bikes she can get on (please don't suggest a list of potential bikes. We know them), so she wants to do the course on her own bike. The centre used to have a scooted but not any more. Are insurers will/able to insure for riding while under instruction? She has already called her insurer but they don't know yet(!)
  11. My wife's CBT has already expired. I'm surprised that they haven't prioritised people who need it for work.
  12. Also:- SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/567582 Sorry but I hope you will allow me to cross post on the beginners' forum - I think it benefits us all.
  13. Also:- SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/567582 Sorry but I hope you will allow me to cross post on the Motorbike chat forum - I think it benefits us all.
  14. I wrote to Grant Shapps, my MP, on the virtual of extending CBTs for people who are already riding. Nicholas Langly from his office wrote: "Dear Dave, Thank you for your email to Grant. After speaking to Grant about this he has asked me to reply on his behalf. Yes, that is correct , motorcycle training and testing, including Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), has been suspended. Grant fully appreciates the challenges that this will cause learners, motorcycle instructors and trainers but the Prime Minister, on the advice of scientific advisors, was clear that we need to take
  15. There must be an area with a hundered post but I can't find it. Currently I use my phone BUT it's always 50 meters behind. Also; my cycle sat nav can program waypoints, but my car satnav and my phone can't. That's important if you want to follow a specific route. Are there any that can do that?
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