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  1. Try to replicate it so you can work out exactly what the cause was Seriously, sounds like oil/grease on the road. That said, if your throttle action was particularly lacking in refinement...
  2. This looks like the one I use (and will actually be using in about an hour's time). It works quite well, but the wheel needs lining up properly as it can move slightly as you turn it. It's a good alternative to a paddock stand if - like me - you find using the latter an absolute nightmare!
  3. Hi all - hope everyone is well, and apologies for going AWOL for a while (life stuff) Anyway, I have an unused Optimate O105 dual-USB to DIN charger that I can't use on my bike as it's right-angled and doesn't fit. Anyone want to swap it for a decent non-angled job (the Optimate version of what I want is the ref. O115)? Mine is this one.
  4. I miss having self-cancelling indicators, actually. It was never an issue on the R9T, but for some reason I forget to turn them off on the Thruxton. No idea why.
  5. Thank you! I'll drop you a PM rather bore everyone on the thread
  6. Thanks, and good luck to you too. It’s essentially going to be a headshot business (with some portrait photography for good measure). I have a new page already written for my existing website but it’s presently hidden, and will stay that way until I’ve uploaded the stock images that I need (and that’s the crux of the issue). What are you going to be up to?
  7. Absolutely right but I need people, unfortunately. It’s frustrating but I’ll get there eventually.
  8. Thanks Caroline. Well, It's eventually going to be a new photography-related business, but whilst we're in lockdown all I can do is prepare. I'm just waiting for some equipment to arrive, after which I need to get some portfolio shots together. I can then update my website, after which I can start some marketing (and then wait!).
  9. Yes, but I've been otherwise engaged trying to plan for a new venture (seeing as my existing one has been stuffed by COVID). Trying to keep an eye on what's going on, though, and thanks for asking
  10. Just to play devil's advocate, I ride a Thruxton (with clip-ons) and don't have any wrist discomfort at all after riding for long periods in stop/start London traffic. I think you'd definitely need to test ride the bike, though, as much depends on individual ergonomics.
  11. Bugger. Maybe a pro lab could salvage it if they know in advance what you did?
  12. Maybe a post-lockdown plan, then. Can't argue with Super Sausage.
  13. Very unlikely, Ian, but I suppose there's a very slim chance of being proved wrong Medbourne around Easter sounds like a decent option. Edit: You can't be very far from me, actually - I'm close to St Albans.
  14. Well, given that a very quick search threw up the mirror below ("Genuine KTM Duke Genuine 64112940000 Bar End Mirror Motorcycle Replacement Part"), it looks like you just bought the wrong one.
  15. Well, we might just be a bunch of rambling knobbers but I'd be up for a rally
  16. Ordered. Come on, @dynax, stop messing about on social media and do some work!!!
  17. I'd actually love one of these for having a bit of fun/popping out to the shops on.
  18. I fear you're fighting a losing battle but good luck (you'll need it)
  19. I've always loved this video, which kind of epitomises my spiritual biking world - far more so than sports bikes and race leathers, anyway.
  20. Their statement: Bell is the most famous name in the motorcycle apparel arena. The company invented the open-face helmet as we know it today. They then invented the full-face helmet, and then the off-road helmet. But the path that Bell is now taking with its retro collection is not one we want to accompany them down. Bell is all about style; and whilst we still offer some of the coolest gear on the planet, we are no longer prepared to put form ahead of function. There’s nothing wrong with Bell’s helmets, but these days, even though you might have to pay a bit more, the
  21. What a drama queen. God knows how you'd handle manual labour!
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