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  1. The first one pulling out also did not pose any danger I needed the first exit which was a 2 lane exit the car safely took the outside lane with me taking the inside lane it did not cause the car to brake or change speeds. My examiner simply said me out made him take the outside lane which I took on the chin and accepted but it was not dangerous like your suggesting. As for the second test. The highway code states if there is no visabal speed signs to use the surrounding area and traffic to gauge the speed limit. Not been familiar with the area, being no visible speed signs, street lights p
  2. Yep, very frustrating having received no minors over the course of the two test yet walked away having failed twice :/ must of only been on that particular road for no more than 30 seconds or so too as it was passing through a housing estate! Will go again and next time if in doubt and cant see a speed sign go at the lower speed as it should only be a minor for use of speed. However, with my luck will probably fail me haha
  3. Yep, I have accepted it is what it is now. My riding is perfectly fine hence no minors over the course of 2 full tests just 2 very silly things failed me. Is annoying that the examiner however didn't use some common sense and let it slide considering we where the only 2 on that particular road at 11am. Good friend of mine passed his Mod 2 last month with 7 minors and a telling off for doing 40mph down a 30mph after missing the change of speed limit sign :/
  4. Yep, I think the examiner just have no consistency what so ever. I spoke with a good friend of mine who passed his Mod 2 last month with 7 minors and the examiner said to him in the debrief "Congratulation you have passed. However, you did go 40pmh down a 30mph road passed the industrial estate so try be more vigilant with the change of speed signs" Have come to accept it is what it is and just got to stick at it because my riding is perfectly fine, just failed on 2 really stupid things
  5. So ... I first sat my Mod 2 Test back on 10th of Aug. I failed this test after a very solid ride and completing the test with zero minors I was failed for one serious fault. The fault was I was approaching my first roundabout of the test, done all my checks etc and seen a car coming round with his left indicator on so presumed he was going to come off before my junction so committed to pull out. As I pulled out it soon become obvious the driver of the brand new lexis didn't know how to use his indicators correctly and because of this resulted in me pulling out on him and failing my test. Less
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