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  1. Hey, beer isn't fruit based and nor is whisky or rum. None of your effete Mediterranean nonsense if you don't mind!
  2. Ciders a fruit based drink, so is wine for that matter.
  3. Celtic fans? Or are they more restrained?
  4. Tis my fault. Put a curse on the weather as I've got to be away. It'll be good in August.
  5. British customer service at its best!
  6. I use a Drift camera mounted on the side of my helmet and tbh don't notice ant difference with / without. I do have a GoPro which has a chest mount on a harness. Never use it so planning to give it to my grandsons.
  7. Exactly. I could probably buy every bike I currently fancy and have change. None of them are electric either.
  8. I'm the opposite. If I'm in a hurry to get somewhere and using the motorway I find I get very bored and start to not pay attention which isn't good. So I go as fast as the main traffic flow and move in and out of lanes as required. Keeps me slightly entertained. Some m-ways have old roads that parallel them and if possible I use them as they are far more interesting. Although I did clock a camera van up near Boroughbridge last time I was up that way.
  9. Rocking to sleep doesn't seem to work. Babies do alright though god knows why, but roughty toughty sailors don't. We just get grumpy.
  10. Going to Cornwall just for a week of wee sounds kinky to me. Also according to my calendar 23rd May is a Sunday. Its a Chinese calendar though so could be wrong.
  11. It's worse for us at the moment as we aren't carrying a full load so all that oil is sloshing around inside partly loaded tanks. Biggest roll I can remember was 35 degrees on a vlcc- doesn't sound that dramatic until you calculate the bridge wing mover through an arc of 120 metres.
  12. You'd be surprised. It doesn't have to be that rough for us to roll heavily. You just need a big enough swell from the wrong direction and we'll be rolling our guts out, sometimes for days. Right now the wind is only 25 knots but there's a 5 metre swell more or less on our beam. Hence we roll and probably will for a couple of days.
  13. Wish I could go to bed. Mine is currently bouncing around thanks to some crappy weather out in the Atlantic here. Pitching and rolling so not good for sleeping.
  14. OUCH! At least Ducati just ecommend Shell which can be got for a reasonable price if you shop around. Also it doesn't use much.
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