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  1. Some real bast*rds out there. Deserve locking up without a key.
  2. Oooooh. Someone's been sipping at the "let's troll sauce"!
  3. When I was first at sea there were a lot of crusty old jolly jacks with tats that looked awful. A consequence of age and having them done in a back street tattooist in Singapore after a night on the lash. Fair put me off. Of course roughty toughty sailors are vanishing fast. I was cast into a slough of despond when I overheard my (male) second mate and an AB discussing the relative merits of various types of hairbands to wear under a safety helmet. What's even further psst a sell by date than gammon? Cos that's me.
  4. In my working life I had one colleague called John Thomas from North Wales and another called Richard Head. The latter was aptly named as he really was one.
  5. Why what'd he do? Myself I have an allergic reaction to spanners whereas my son in law would have them surgically attached to his hands if he could so once the bike gets its last warranty service next month he'll be doing basic stuff.
  6. Nah its next week as I am sorta quarantined. According to HMG I'm exempt by virtue of occupation but given that to get home i have to pass through 2 of the world's major airports family pressure means I have to behave. Don't fancy sleeping on the sofa.
  7. Preferably not on some weird Chinese thing with more tassels than a pole dancer.
  8. Trouble is with my daughter in particular as well as her husband they have to be whiter than white or lose their jobs. As for me getting covid? If I do I do. Not losing any sleep over it.
  9. Only if I'm testing my eyesight apparently.
  10. Did you see the idiot who was saying we'd minimise the risk of infection if we opened all our windows? Sit down for dinner wearing all your outside gear. And what if its raining? Common sense has obviously flown south for the winter.
  11. Tea in the morning?! Gaah retch, retch. Has to be black coffee and made by me as otherwise its dishwater. My parents had a Teasmaid thing once but my dad reckoned it were crap.
  12. Totally pissed off. We're in Tier 2 but....my parents in Northumberland are Tier 3, my daughter and her family are in Barnard Castle - Tier 3 and my son and his family are in North Somerset also Tier 3. So I can't actually see any of them. When I collect my bike on Dec. 8th it will be wheeled out of a garage by my son in law and I just ride away. Not even allowed inside for a coffee. And yet a fortnight later we can rock up on Christmas eve, stay over and see my parents on Boxing Day then go home on the 27th after which its all forbidden again. The country is being ruled by blood
  13. Well it actually is a good evening as I'm home. Now I just have to endure house arrest for a bit then can go and retrieve my bike from Barnard Castle. Don't have to quarantine due to my occupation. Typically weather here today has been decent next week will almost certainly be crap.
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