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  1. My bike has only done 450 miles so far, so I don't know. I'm hoping that Spring or Summer 2021 will allow the opportunity to fill panniers and topbox for a European trip. Based on what I have seen so far, I think it will be perfectly fine.
  2. I fitted a new side stand to my bike today. When I rode the dealer's demonstrator, I remember thinking that the side stand seemed very short, allowing the bike to lean a long way over when it was deployed. Then, when I ordered a bike with the lowered suspension, I thought that would see the bike leaning less far on the side stand (I made the assumption that the side stand would be the same length on both versions). However, this was not the case. My bike also leant over a long way. To clear up any doubt, I measured both bikes. My bike was 20mm closer to the deck, and the side stand was als
  3. Have you compared the price of a Benelli versus the Triumph ? That would be one clue - performance costs money. Then try buying the engine for a Moto2 bike (also 765cc). It will rev higher, make more power and probably be lighter again. But you'd get a shock at what they cost. You only need to worry about the numbers if you need something light, high-revving and powerful - AND you can afford it. Otherwise, buy what you can afford, and be happy.
  4. Why do the French only have one egg at a time ?? Because one egg is un oeuf ......
  5. I had a 2001 Fazer 600. I wired up the second dipped beam to come on with the sidelight (through a relay). This meant I could have one dipped beam, two dipped beam or two dipped beam with main beam. I found that pretty good, and it could always have been improved with upgraded bulbs.
  6. If you ride on the road, you're probably one of the 95% of riders on one of 95% of bikes who should be running 36psi front / 42psi rear. If the handbook for your bike advises something different then you are probably ok going for what it says, but I would advise contacting the tyre manufacturer before going for them, especially if your bike is more than 20 years old - tyre technology changes. If you're riding a Suzuki Hayabusa or BMW K1600 you probably know that both tyres should be at 42psi (and there are others .....) Dave Moss's advice can only apply to track riding because it depe
  7. I much prefer lenses to my varifocal glasses when riding. I need +5.00 for reading and +2.75 for distance. One lens for each, with the distance lens in my dominant eye. This was recommended by my optician and has worked for me for years. An Azeri optician I visited in Baku was horrified - she would have given me two distance lenses and a pair of reading glasses. Not handy on a bike ! The varifocal lenses I tried were no better and cost twice as much .....
  8. I had a day-long test ride on the demonstrator from my local BMW dealer. I was looking to replace my 2016 R1200RT and, although the demo bike was the base model, it was good enough for me to order one spec'd up to suit me. It's much lighter than my RT and much easier to handle when pushing it around, or riding at very low speed. That's very important for me as my age means I'm not as fit as I once was. Performance is not much different to the RT, with plenty in reserve for swift overtakes. The basic suspension (without ESA) was fine for me, but I weigh around 90kg these days. I'm get
  9. Many years ago I slid off after changing down a gear on my GTR1000. That was on icy slush. I've also had experience of skating about on ice while riding a BMW R1200RT - absolutely terrifying ! A couple of hours after that I was riding on a straight road with a very thin layer of snow which had blown off the adjacent field. Fifty metres in, the front wheel suddenly went to full lock and I was on my side with a burst shoulder. That was eight years ago and my shoulder is still out of shape. So, if temperatures are forecast to be under 5 degrees C, or if snow is forecast, I'm not going to ri
  10. I'm planning on having a run to the Loch Katrine visitor centre. The new bike I ordered some months ago hasn't turned up yet and I'll have the use of a loan bike until it does. So, a couple of hundred miles on Sunday on a BMW R1250RS. Hope I don't get too wet ! (but at least I won't have to wash the bike ! )
  11. I believe that insurance will be fine, if the tyre manufacturer recommends the tyre for the bike. Otherwise, you are at risk - it's more likely something will go wrong and, if it does, more likely that insurance may be an issue.
  12. Hand gear change, and locked up rear "suspension". Both common 100 years ago .....
  13. How about a scaffold board, or similar, to support the weight of the bike ? It should be possible to minimise the weight on the tailboard.
  14. The topbox from my 2016 BMW R1200RT is for sale. It is the latest 49 litre version with backrest, high level brake light, interior light and support struts for the lid. It will fit R1200 / 1250 RTs and K1600GT / GTL from 2014 to current. The lid has been sprayed Bronze Metallic and it has a small, light scratch on the lid from the buckle of my wife's boot. The interior trim shows some evidence of use, but nothing serious. The fitted mat is in excellent condition. The box can be locked & unlocked via the bike's central locking, or with a key, which will be included. If anyone is inte
  15. Motorrad Central (Dalkeith) https://www.motorrad-tours.com/hire-bikes/
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