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  1. sorry to hear that Lynn, keep going, you'll nail it next time. every test isnt a waste, it gets you more experience on the road GOOD LUCK
  2. thanks very much guys all very good advice, i think i will save up for one of the ones above, because as you point out if i buy cheap ill just have to re-buy again.
  3. thanks very much, i checked it out its just a bit out of my price range
  4. grr. just found a whole sticky related to the subject. question still stands though!
  5. hey guys, i'm after some really good comms for rider and passenger or even bike to bike, duno how they work and i know i'm not gona be able to get something like on Long Way Round, but anyone know of any good makes and can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated! x
  6. I've just passed my mod 2 and planned on waiting to buy boots and gear till after i passed (you know, just incase!) , but my instructor says the examiner really looks down on you not to have stuff, so i just bought some cheap second hand kevlars and got basically the best gear i could afford. They are really coming down on people for not having the right stuff and so just make an effort and it'll be fine! if he looks at you funny, maybe just say...'i didnt wear my protective trousers today coz i thought i might fall off and didnt wana ruin them'! good luck with the test
  7. didn't know we had nude beaches up there Sara.................... hey, a girls gota do what a girls gota do!
  8. hey guys, I just had the best ride out, had two days off work so took the Corran ferry down to the Isle of Mull and up to Tobermory (tobermory whisky- yum!). if anyone is doing this ride i highly recommend the B8045 instead of the A-road way, its right on the coast, beautiful views, exciting road, single track- loved it! watch out for sheep though! Also the A861 up to Fort William is really nice with some beaches! and luckily it stopped raining for an hour so i took off my clothes and dried them on the beach! would anyone recommend the road to the isles? (towards mallaig) from what i
  9. thanks, im loving it so far! been up to loch ness and down to oban (although i took a wrong turn and ended up going 40miles out of the way!) but all the bikers ive met have been really nice up here very chatty! isle of mull on monday! woop
  10. Hey guys, I'm moving up to Glen Coe on Wednesday for 9 months and just wondering if there are any bike meetings, or anyone fancy a ride out? I definetely want to check out the road from Fort William to Mallaig! Anyone know any other roads i should check out- i can't resist a good view! Sara
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe!! hey, life is all about learning! thanks
  12. i recently aquired a new battery as my suzuki GN often refused to start, i have just got around to filling the battery with the acid provided. i filled it as intructed up to the upper level (but ran out for the last section and it only went up to the lower level) i then charged it for the correct time and most of the sections are far above the upper level. My question is, Is it dangerous to attatch the battery when the acid is above the upper level? and if so how would you suggest getting the acid out again ? :S thank you very much, i would appreciate any advice! Thanks
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