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  1. It is not about right or wrong, I said I wouldn’t ride without helmet but I do not agree about to be mandatory. I never ride without full protective equipment, either not mandatory, I always wear proper boots, trousers and jacket with all impact protection. As long all gear is not mandatory there is no sense to push with helmet. Not directly connected to bikes, UK is only place in Eu (now not in Eu anymore) where cars winter tyres are not a must. And we know the benefit of winter tyres during the cold days. so forcing one think and not another, I don’t see any sense. But that is
  2. That’s why we pay service to pick up the bits. Maybe they could benefit from my organs
  3. I wouldn’t ride without helmet but I am not supporting idea of mandatory helmet. Maybe it can be my decision to risk or not. As long I don’t endanger others.
  4. Maybe something interesting https://www.mcnews.com.au/cfmoto-officially-launces-1279cc-grand-tourer/
  5. It look like they got some deal, few moments ago. remain to see who had to lower the trousers
  6. I like Saudi Arabia stile, cutting off hands for stealing, cutting off heads for murder. it is bit on the hard side but it works. let’s be serious if punishment for crime is effective than crime will disappear or go to minimum. otherwise Wild West everyone is judge and juri
  7. Probably better than heated grips, must see how the heaters are placed. don’t want to say that heated grips are not good as mine on highest setup could cause first degree burnings, but not where I need it.
  8. Heated grips are good to warm your palms, and i don’t need that. I need just top of my fingers, same with toes. Never cold feet but ice freezing toes.
  9. Honestly if someone try to rob me I will do the same. Doesn’t matter motorcycle, car or house, but if I can I will be the judge, the jury and executor, try to rob someone in Texas, or in any Balkan countries, where Love for guns and rifles is endless.
  10. I grow up on race track where I had my first bike rides and learn how to. Generally on race track or fast riding on the road I use booth, engine and brakes, first to slow down, than front brake to increase the weight on the front wheel in order to get more traction. Braking deep into the corner. Driving car was much different with manual gearbox, brakes would last for over 40k miles, used them only to get to stop or if screwed up something. Mostly because I had a lot of rides on snow covered roads. Today with automatic gearbox unfortunately brakes are only way to stop, except i
  11. Late night, empty parking lot and exercise, use parking lines for u turns, as well for figure of eight, slalom ,don't use cones, place some paper cups, few pebbles inside to not fly away,
  12. DO NOT USE GRAPHITE IN YOUR IGNITION LOCK. It makes and breaks electrical connections and graphite is a conductor of electricity. it's a good choice as a "dry" lube for other locks but not ones with switches in.
  13. Helmets are tested by dropping from approx 2 m, simulating fall from bike. Not tested for impact of 30, 40, 50 mph. price does not guaranty quality, however I would not buy Chinese at least not for next 10 years. Maybe one day they will improve as they did with many other things 20 years ago who was buying HJC,,Scorpin etc
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