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  1. thanks man...!! there is 3 - 4 kilometres long of this stream with plane trees all around... i show just a small part of area ...
  2. Good evening to all and patience with lock 2. Here is a video in autumn colors at Lefki village of Kavala city at Greece with the Tenere xt660z. Bridges, ravines, plane trees, alleys and deserted houses at the end of the walk .. Here is the video with a few photos at the end:
  3. Good morning to everyone.. A short video from a walk with the tenere xt660z at north Greece at the gorge of Aggitis and in the cave of Orpheus that is located there. To my great surprise I saw the rock paintings inside the cave and doing a little research in the house later I saw how it is called, how there were people in the cave for the first 9000 years! Details about the historicity of the cave and the gorge you will find the link below in the description of the video. here is the video:
  4. Good evening to all and good rest of summer! A walk with my moto Tenere midweek on its beaches Vourvourous of Halkidiki at Greece. Awesome waters and worth going for those who have not gone. Maybe the karidi has the 'name' like THE beach of the area but personally Fava at (1:30 minutes) withered more, not of course that the karidi was ugly! here is the video
  5. hallo to everyone and good rest of summer! Here are some pictures of what's going on in the atmosphere of Kavala city in Greece. from the factories mainly the fertilizers but also the oils that work non-stop day and night. You can't stand around there. With a motorbike you pass and you throttle to get out of the area and with a car you close windows. Great insight into how the inhabitants live there. How much does the world work in there... ? Here's the relevant video
  6. nope!! with sony a7iii mirrorless camera i have details at description below at the video
  7. Hallo to everybody!! This is a video, with some photos at the end, from a magical place at Greece.. This woods is at the north Greece at Palia Kavala village into the mountain. A great forest with a water path all the way. The waterfall isnt the greatest, but the trail is unique! Enjoy this relaxing cool place that i've been some days before.
  8. hello from Greece! heres a small music video with my Yamaha Tenere xt660z and sony a7iii camera. made at hills of north Greece with Thassos island for view. A great sunny day and an excellent point of view. enjoy the video
  9. Good evening to everyone! First of all i wish to all of you to be good at your health and to be calm with this new think, this virus..i want to be optimist that thinks could be better the next days.. By the way ,here is a video with very old workshop with a hardworking man behind the scenes. I shown an alternative way to oil the chain, i used to oil the chain like this. For those that like arc welding and angle grinders i think that maybe enjoy the video. here is the Workshop
  10. hallo to everybody! A trip with my Tenere xt660z and my camera in my bag. This is a video from abandoned village since 1980. Placed at Greece ,at Kavala city. Ruins from houses ,a completely desert place,liked some war that happened, but with the church at center that is open and service. Enjoy the video here
  11. Hallo and happy new year to everybody!!! This is a small video with the Honda monkey z50 but with engine from Supra 125. Made from my brother in as a present to my nephews. Isnt ready yet but the final profile is ready and it looks like this
  12. Good evening to all of you!! This video have nothing to do with bikes. Its a trip with car at north Greece at Thraki mountains area that is full of villages with pomaks residents. There are many old traditional hammam baths here and there that some of those looks abandoned but there not.. So we get there and we make a bath in a place with no electricity into the night.. enjoy
  13. hello to everybody! this is a video from an abandoned hospital at Kavala city in Greece Its closed since 2010 and was build at 1920. enjoy some scenes of this creepy , dirty place.
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