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  1. Can I have 21 this year? Making a note to make sure I take it every time I'm out this year.
  2. Gutted I forgot my number on my trip to Scotland at the weekend. Rode past the green welly stop. And crossburn kitchen. I even had lunch in the old fire station tearoom!!! But stupidly hadn't made any plans or notes of where to go so wasn't thinking about the tags. Only remembered when I saw the sign for Kames when I was headed back for the boat. Stopped and took a pic anyway.
  3. First 2 for me. For info for anyone else going the Beetling Mill, it's open Saturday and Sunday from March to September if you want a look around it. You can get the photo anytime.
  4. Got out myself yesterday for my first run since the end of September. Wasn't intending to tax the Z until April but with the 3 other bikes at various stages of restoration I had no choice. 18 years I've been at it and every year I still have the mild panic attack just before I set off thinking "what if I've forgotten how to ride a bike?" Should be sorted from now on though as the 250 will be my commuter in all weathers (bar snow) so will not be having the winter off in future.
  5. Be careful with furniture polish. There's allegedly a likelihood of it making the plastic brittle which leads to it breaking into shards on impact. I bought a visorcat. Havent used it yet but most reviews I've seen are positive. Not the cheapest option at ove £30 but you could try and find somewhere to stuff a damp sponge (depending on your bike/dash) and use that.
  6. ....oooooh we don't normally have tags in Northern Island..... I'll do some for you though Cheers I usually get a run to the mainland at some point during the year so thought this might give me a few pointers for a route
  7. First bike was a TS185 field bike. Then had a 1990 RM250. First road leagal bike was an 1991 RXS100 which I bought for £80 in 2001. I still have it and have just started a restoration on it. Second bike was a z250 Scorpion and I have one of these as well. Getting it back on the road soon as a commuter to save miles on the SX.
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