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  1. No point talking to me. It has been made quite clear that I know nothing. I am unable to assist. I would suggest that you speak to the forums resident legal and riding experts of which there are a few on this forum. I only posted a comment because of the crap which was being spouted and which would give the experts on here a chance to make their comments. There are several people on this site who will be able to provide the benefit of their legal and riding expertise who are far more knowledgable and qualified than me.
  2. Hence my caveat. But even then, primarly liability still lies with the driver of the trailer vehicles, and which is why I mentioned "Contrib" as the other side will try it on to reduce their degree of liability, and secondary liability may also rest with the person warning approaching traffic. And the secondary liability issue in such cases has happened a lot in recent years.
  3. As I am sure the legal experts on this site will confirm, this is a case of what is called strict liability and lack ofduty of care on the part of the driver reversing the trailer, and there is quite a bit of case law on crashes of this nature and the Highway Code has very little bearing. The other side will try and alledge a degree of contributory negligence, but it is unlikely to succedd (I will add the caveat that this of course is always depending on the evidence and all the circumstances being known) but a rider on the major carriageway hit by someone r somethin g emerging from a d
  4. The offer remains in place, so just a little bump of the thread for the benefit of those who missed or have not seen the original post or new members who may not be aware.
  5. Unlikely. It was made quite clear to me by some of your members that my presence was no longer welcome, and you have plenty of experts.
  6. I know I don't come here anymore, so please excuse me for interupting and showing my face, but I thought some of you would appreciate the below offer Some of you I know choose to wear textile jackets rather than leather. Some of you may be thinking about changing your textile jacket. Have you or are you considering an airbag jacket? If you are thinking about a new jacket, and if you are thinking possibly of an airbag jacket, then have a look at https://www.airvest.co.uk/ and if hou decide to take it further then quote HUDGELL10 and it will entitle you to a 10% discount. I have
  7. You lot win....... You beat me, I am gone. Happy now?
  8. Mrs TC has been out in Vienna for the past 10 days visiting her brother who has lived there for over 10 years. She was due back into Heathrow tonight about now (7pm ish) and it is my job to collect her and her mother as her youngest brother is too bone idle to get off his arse and put himself out. Anyway, I had forgotten until a few days ago that Reading are live on the box against Cardiff, so when she emailed me, I joking asked if she could either come home a day early or stay another day and come home on Tuesday. I got a few choice words at that suggestion, as she really only goes o
  9. What? I've noticed that you often comment on the ineptitude of those who are the "front line". Lately you've had pops at the police - beat bobbies and traffic, paramedics, undertakers, GPs etc... and in all cases you apparently had superior knowledge/saved the day. I can understand your greater knowledge in traffic law but struggle to see the cross over to medicine. In one swipe you're pop-pooing >decade of academic qualifications of the individual and however many decades of research based on your individual experience and a straw poll of a few people you know. . *Well the
  10. ? GP - General Practitioner.. not a Specialist or an expert or anything reassuring like that, just General.. Ah, got you About right though
  11. That really makes things as clear as mud I just got my new prescription for my other meds today and the statins was not included (they forgot to do them as they are a new presecription) and so I have decided that I will finish off the current 5 remaining tablets but I am not going to get replacements. The meds that keep me alive work perfectly well
  12. In Hospital and in the Cardiac unit in particular, I have nothing but praise and admiration. In all the years I have been going in and out of A & E with work, they have been superb, even when I had to go in with this, which what warfarin does when you get a bruise (and sorry for the horrible sight This was caused by slipping down 2 steps 18 months ago and I still have bruising) they were brilliant. It is at GP level I have the problem By the way, this bruise eventually over the next couple of days extended down to just above the back of my right knee, across my thigh and up to
  13. Not at my local surgery, I have very little faith or confidence in them. One Doctor told me over the phone that I was paranoid when I asked them to come and see my daughter who was very ill. His diagnosis over the phone was that she was just off colour despite not having seen her and she would be right as rain the following day. She had meningitis (both viral and bacterial) and to this day I remain thankfull that I got her into the car and down to the Hospital. 2nd Doctor diagnosed my father in law with a muscle strain sent him home and told him to take a couple of asprin. 24 hours
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