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  1. Yeah I'm still confused. My quadlock and s10 are fine after 3k miles with no damper, that's all I can add. Problems are mostly with iPhone 11. Really sensitive camera stability components so one ride and the camera will have had it. This new vibration dampener apparently resolved the issue so I’ll definitely be testing it out when I order one
  2. I’m in south Leicestershire, tend to go out with Midland Motorbikers group on Facebook when I can. They usually start ride outs from Coventry mind you but That’s the same distance as Leicester city centre for me.
  3. I’ve been craving a super sausage for weeks now, really need to get down. Need to go on a weekday by looks of it though as it’s always rammed at the weekend!
  4. Rode up to Boston via market harborough, Melton, Grantham, then stopped for a crap coffee at sports bike shop, then headed back to Leicestershire via Stamford, Oakham, Melton. God knows why anyone has a bike in Lincolnshire. Speed cameras absolutely everywhere! Saying that, there was a van on the b4067 near market harborough on the way back, had to have a sensible day for the most part!
  5. £300? Is it a valve job? This is the UK where we get raped of our hard earned! £300 including a valve service At least double that Haha nope was a ‘bigger’ service. Think it’s because they replace spark plugs and they’re a bit of a pain to access maybe. £294 all in. (This was a Kawasaki main dealer too hence structured pricing)
  6. Dropped it in for its service at Kawasaki. On about 6700 miles or so I think but was due a service so just told them to do the 7500 mile service. Goodbye £300 that’s on top of the £150 tyre last week
  7. Where do they live? some members could suggest some routes to take They are over in filey, so plenty of routes to choose from!
  8. Looks like a good ride out. If I ever manage to get up to my parents on the bike for a weekend I might have to steal some of those routes
  9. 6047 - out to Lincs, down to Stamford, off to Uppingham, back on the B664 (for my money far better than the 6047 - but shhhhh) where I got serious air over a humpback bridge, and then home. 120 miles of smiles. Yes must admit the 664 is brilliant too and slightly more technical (not to mention less travelled). I think I know the bridge you’re talking about too
  10. Couple hundred miles ridden today to cat & fiddle road. Was absolutely rammed so not much fun! Good ride around matlock, bakewell, Ashbourne and surrounding areas though a lot of police speed traps about too.
  11. Did you ride the B6047? Cracking road that, plenty of fast sweeping bends
  12. Tried fitting some new LED Sequential indicators to the bike today. Thought it was going well until I tried them and they didn’t work. Tried swapping the wires around and still didn’t work. Then ended up blowing the fuse on my alarm which didn’t stop going off. Luckily they taped another fuse to it so I could swap it. Not sure if the wires were not connected correctly and that’s what’s blew it or because the alarm is wired to the indicators and LED is not the same voltage Standard indicators back on and no smaller plate still. About ready to get rid of this bike, alarm causes nothing b
  13. Was out and about that way today myself, though carried on down to Burford and then Cirencester and back up via Fish Hill. More bikes than cars on the road today
  14. Rode it, finally! Tested out my new Alpinestars leather jacket too. Very impressed!
  15. Second project was wallpapering the living room wall. Was going to get the other half’s dad to do it for us but obviosuly he can’t come round now so took it on myself. Not too bad for my first ever go at wallpapering! Before and after
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