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  1. Bikes do have a distinct smell unlike cars etc but nothing overpowering.
  2. Bridgestone S22's are my next tyres, great for trackday, corners on road, nice wear time for a sports tyre and have seem them used in both track and road and perform great. Just dont use them if you do long commutes on motorways often.
  3. Could be the Loom may have a split in it?
  4. Use them for all my gear bought alsorts and there outstanding for customer service, some products they sell may not be best but they do sell budget aswel as expensive gear, great company just talk to them and they will sort you out really fast and also if the item is lousy they will take it off there shelves due to it being garbage.
  5. Oulton park pal, was amazing just wish stayed dry all day as everytime went out was faster and lower!
  6. Late reply but ye was amazing defo a new hobby for meself! Shame its £175 a pop or would go more often! Only managed from 0900-1300 then left due to heavy heavy rain, apart from that first part of day was amazing! Confidence on road has improved due to it so if ever a dicky situation happens im more comfortable useing heavier braking and cornering now
  7. Everyone speeds at some point no matter who you are, very easy with race machines as all it takes is a lil bump in road or a good look at a lovely view and ye wrist twists abit, sometimes you get caught sometimes you dont. No one can say they have never sped me included, done a awareness course before once many years ago.
  8. Update! Apparently the camera op had written it down incorrectly and they have apologised, the offender was caught apparently and its all done and dusted, the D was ment to be a B Very similar bike to mine though but there where differences on the pics! And damage
  9. Do a Mad Max and strap a explosive to ye bike with a hidden switch to disarm it!
  10. Good call! Really sorry to hear about your motorbike pal... Just bought meself a Alarm for me bike for that scenario!
  11. Just done my insurance on me honda cbr 600 with Carole Nash, £167 for year, fully comp and lid/leathers covered! Bike insurance company only apparently.
  12. 44 Teeth on youtube is like topgear but with bikes
  13. Hahahahaha love it will try remember...
  14. Private property pal, friend owns a farm why was thinking about buying another bike to do it on but then found courses to be so cheap something to tick off the bucket list.
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