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  1. skyrider

    Welcome SteveO

    welcome to the forum
  2. and try and ride on your own it's safer
  3. skyrider

    Welcome Raijin

    welcome to TMBF
  4. ok i have for sale 17 motorcycle mechanics magazines 1974 to 1981 with years/months inbetween , i also have 8 motorcycle racing mags these are all 1977, and motorcycling monthly mags only 3 of these and all 1976 , and finally 3 bike magazine all 1984. and all the mags are in reasonable condition so im taking a reasonable offer on them and the buyer collects as there are 31 mags and they would cost too much to post
  5. yea we are off to the chippy tomorrow for dinner (chippy day)
  6. in the late 70s i bought a second hand wax cotton trials master suit from a neighbours mate for£15 i bet i couldnt do that now
  7. yes i would leave it till tomorrow and by that time they will have time to dry out naturally
  8. they are still thinking of squeezing it in with the manx but personally i dont think it's going to happen 2022 maybe
  9. at my time of life i dont need hyper sports bikes i just need plodder's that get me from a to b sometime
  10. well thats modern technology for you its ok while its working
  11. nah i always rode it the right way up
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