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  1. my galaxy has started to send people texts on its own, if it keeps doing it i will run it back to where i bought it and tell em to sort it cant be having this
  2. yeah we stopped off there when we were visiting relatives in whitby a few years ago
  3. have you ever gone over to harrogate and visited brimham rocks worth a look they are weird
  4. it's a nice area around there and further up near kirby lonsdale
  5. and thinking of getting another bike, i fancy a gs 500 so see what happens, the first model had like semi dropped bars where the next model had the straight and i think one piece bars which i would sooner have. so i hope the weather does cheer up pretty soon
  6. not too bad for us though
  7. took my mum out today we started off at the half moon bay cafe at heysham for a bite to eat then drove through morecambe and lancaster and on to glasson dock for a brew, it was fairly busy with bikes and scooters, a good day out
  8. been nice and warm +sunny here all day but now there has just been a heavy shower and gone all grey
  9. Hi grumpy enjoy your day
  10. welcome to the forum
  11. welcome to the forum
  12. excellent well done to both of you and have fun
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