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  1. What a nob of the highest order, he definitely deserves the Darwin award
  2. Dont worry I have made the provisions for the spotty little oiks when they come knocking in the shape of a glock 18 airsoft gun
  3. Bugger that shes in a chastity belt till she's 18
  4. It was pretty spectacular..... Very lucky boy indeed he was in that for about 20-25 seconds
  5. And the first proper sleepless night has arrived, it would seem skye has got abit of a cold coming on as shes all congested and sneezy and coughing quite alot and very clingy so I'm awake till 6am when the wife can get up and take over and I can get a few hours of kip
  6. As someone who does everything bar tyre changes on my vehicles I'm an avid believer in that give everything at least a go a couple of times then if you still have trouble then call someone who knows but theres no point in paying someone else to do something that you could do yourself for a fraction of the cost of a garage
  7. Well it would sort out the country wide crisis of no jobs, no affordable housing, pension pot crisis and the like
  8. Can they cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring then?
  9. Its 0-60km in 8 seconds.....that's pretty damn fast
  10. Richzx6r


    Bar me coming down to you with an air rifle and shooting the buggers (which I'm more than happy to do for free) you could try a small cage filled with bait and a one way door in to it from any access holes
  11. I have since tidied up just a bit as it was getting untenable in there though its still not what you would call particularly tidy
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