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  1. This is from their description “Universal adapter kit allows mounting on luggage racks of any manufacturer with 16-18mm diameter such as: Givi, SW-Motech, Kappa, Hepco Becker, Touratech, SHAD, Fehling, Five Stars etc.“ It looks like you’ll need to source the mounting kit separately.
  2. I have changed brand each time. I’ve owned Shark Arai HJC Shoei AGV I usually have them for the full 5-6 years until end of life and start looking about 4.5 years in for my next lid. What was out when I buy a lid will have moved on a lot in those 4-5 years. I loved my Shoei Neotec although it was a touch on the heavy side. I looked at the Neotec 2 but when doing my research found it was heavier than the original and when I tried it on I just didn’t like the fit and feel. I like my flip ups nowadays (great in the summer for keeping cool at slower
  3. I think if I came across these weird lines on the road and didn’t know what they were I would probably slow down out of curiosity. In that respect I think the results are skewed and biased in favour of the experiment. If they are rolled out across the country and bikers eventually recognise the signs, surely this will end up having the same affect as the signs in place now? https://www.devittinsurance.com/guides/motorcycle-features/mystery-biker-road-signs/
  4. Your’re right. Suzuki’s are 10 times worse
  5. You would see the rust if they turned the lights on.
  6. Booking.com were ok when they first came out. They mostly over charge now. I use them to find a place then go to their website and either book online of call the place. I usually get a better deal booking directly with the B&B, hotel or whatever.
  7. I have taken photos of the info I need from the online/PDF version/s of the instructions. I can then have a quick read on any brew stop.
  8. I’m all for it. im also all for ID cards should they ever come about. My opinion on them is; if you are a law abiding citizen then you have nothing to worry about, and should I ever do something seriously wrong then I deserve to be punished. It’s the crims they be looking for, not little old me.
  9. Have you tried https://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk This is on eBay. I’ve had a renntec on my 600RR in the past and they are good https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/720330563
  10. I agree. I’ve just renewed my road tax at £93!!!
  11. Only in the USA Can the site’s bots be taught to overlook articles that are not relevant to us over here?
  12. Try a quote from Principal Insurance also. I've use them in the past as some years they have been the cheapest. I never made a claim with them, so can't tell you how they deal with claims. You can always look at reviews. https://bike-quotes.principalinsurance.co.uk/
  13. Ahh. Ok. I know I paid for it back in 2015 but can’t remember how much. Ive not used it for ages as I have a TomTom Rider. I know it’s there if I ever need it though.
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