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  1. Pipewerx do them for the trophy. From 2012 onwards from what I can see. https://www.pipewerx.co.uk/webshop/-search/?query=Triumph+trophy
  2. I suppose the only way to find out is to give a few dealers a call.
  3. Bang goes the element of surprise. Surely if he was boarding a ship that didn’t want him there he’d either be shot on the way there or as soon as he landed. Unless the jets double up as a weapon?
  4. I got caught in it coming home so... today I washed the bike as it was bloody filthy. I went to Chris Walker Kawasaki in Grantham for annual service. It was the 4 year one, so plugs needed changing. I also had some braided hoses for them to put on. It was wet and bloody windy on the way there. When I set off for home it was sunny but still very windy. Then half hour later there were showers, then rain. When I hit Horncastle it was horrendous. The winds picked up and when the hailstones came down visibility wasn’t very good. I kept the pace up behind a wagon and a car
  5. My personal opinion is that you are way too vulnerable on a 125cc and possibly anything smaller than 600cc. Bigger CC engines seem to scare people that are not familiar with bikes. A bigger CC bike is not any more scary than a 125 after some training. The bigger bikes can be ridden sedately and sensibly but have the power to weight ratio to get you out of trouble in an instant should the situation arise. You have better acceleration on a bigger bike to get you away from traffic behind you at the lights. A bigger bike feels more planted and secure than a small bike. For
  6. One thing I will say is that as you are an experienced driver you’ll notice that until you get the muscle memory and coordination on the bike your hazard perception may decrease a bit as your concentration will be back to yourself and the bike. I did my DAS back in 2006 at the age of 36. I was a driving instructor at the time and for a short time I noticed I was missing things while riding around town and not reading the road as well as in a car. I eventually worked out what was going on. All my attention was directed towards controlling the bike. As I settled into it I could f
  7. Tyres will always square off with road riding because it is in the upright position 95% of the time. The only thing with a square tyre is that it’s a bit harder to get onto the side of the tyre, but as the tyre wears out over time you don’t really notice it. You only notice when you put new tyres on that have a nice round profile and the bike just changes direction easier than you remember. I would take the rear down to 2mm in the center (legal being 1mm) and then change it.
  8. I’m just gonna put this here regarding the last bit of the post. Red rag and bull In answer to your question. VFR 800 1000 SX
  9. At least all roads seem to be one way. imagine the chaos if they were contraflow?!
  10. Plant pot? Take it to your nearest recycling centre and ask them. They will either point you to a recycle container or it will go in general waste. A lot a centres are starting to use general waste to make energy now, so it may not go to land fill.
  11. If you can drive a car then you have road experience. So one less thing to be learning. Learning to ride a motorbike is actually easier than learning to drive a car. You still use both hands and feet, but in different ways. You will already understand about the clutch biting point from a car. It’s the same as a bike but you use your left hand to operate the clutch. If it’s what you want to do, don’t let others put you off and go for it.
  12. You’ve done your research and made the right choice. The only difference in the more expensive lids will be possibly better internals that may feel comfier, lighter and have a replica paint job. Biking is an expensive hobby and everyone has a different sized budget. If you can, avoid the budget gear though. It’ll fail very quickly and you’ll end up paying twice. Avoid clothing that states it’s waterproof if you know you’ll be riding in anything that will be more than a very light shower. if you want waterproof gear then you need to be looking for the word Gortex. Gor
  13. These are very competitive https://www.oponeo.co.uk/moto-tyre-finder
  14. Dash cams & bike cams are a double edged sword. I have a dash cam, front and rear in the car I don’t have any camera or recording equipment on the bike....
  15. £173.80 for the season pass for MotoGP https://secure.motogp.com/en/subscribe?dtm_source=banner&dtm_medium=lb&dtm_content=fullseason&dtm_campaign=videopass Annual pass for Eurosport is £40 https://auth.eurosport.co.uk/product?int_campaign=UK-EU-E1-EU-C7-EU-BAU-DR-W-AllSports-Undefined-210101-NA&int_content=home-top-banner-subscribe or for €69.90 you can subscribe to the 2021 WSBK season directly https://secure.worldsbk.com/en/subscribe?_ga=2.169786597.595826848.1619303688-1314788977.1619303688
  16. Here is one article giving evidence http://www.transport-network.co.uk/Smart-motorway-deaths-rise-to-record-levels/17147
  17. I live in the next town and couldn’t tell you if it’s free or not. I’ve never used the car park when on my bike. There is designated free bike parking outside the Pier (now Papas), but I know they closed the road off leading down to the Pier to traffic very recently due to COVID. I haven’t been down the sea front for a couple of years so couldn’t tell the layout at the minute. The designated parking is about a 5/10 min walk to the leisure centre. EDIT: The car park is pay & display but if you’re using the facility then you can redeem your ticket, so free to customers.
  18. The Government clearly put saving money before saving lives. Anyone with half a brain can see these are extremely dangerous. So many factors are involved for things to go wrong if someone breaks down and it’s usually going to boil down to human decisions, from the operators to the drivers, and we know how many idiots are on the roads nowadays. Hard shoulders work 99.9% of the time as you can get out of the way of the idiot drivers. Instead of adding more lanes to reduce congestion there should be more education and enforcement of using the motorway lanes correctly.
  19. Regina have developed the worlds first non maintenance chain. I’ve looked at the kit for my bike but it’s £271. I can get a DID kit for £85. £95 for gold chain (which I’m really not fussed about) At the minute, I really don’t think the extra price is worth it when you can pretty much get 25 to 30K from a ‘normal’ chain kit if looked after.
  20. This is from their description “Universal adapter kit allows mounting on luggage racks of any manufacturer with 16-18mm diameter such as: Givi, SW-Motech, Kappa, Hepco Becker, Touratech, SHAD, Fehling, Five Stars etc.“ It looks like you’ll need to source the mounting kit separately.
  21. I have changed brand each time. I’ve owned Shark Arai HJC Shoei AGV I usually have them for the full 5-6 years until end of life and start looking about 4.5 years in for my next lid. What was out when I buy a lid will have moved on a lot in those 4-5 years. I loved my Shoei Neotec although it was a touch on the heavy side. I looked at the Neotec 2 but when doing my research found it was heavier than the original and when I tried it on I just didn’t like the fit and feel. I like my flip ups nowadays (great in the summer for keeping cool at slower
  22. I think if I came across these weird lines on the road and didn’t know what they were I would probably slow down out of curiosity. In that respect I think the results are skewed and biased in favour of the experiment. If they are rolled out across the country and bikers eventually recognise the signs, surely this will end up having the same affect as the signs in place now? https://www.devittinsurance.com/guides/motorcycle-features/mystery-biker-road-signs/
  23. Your’re right. Suzuki’s are 10 times worse
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