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  1. Well done fella! It's a great feeling when you complete the u-turn section, it's the hardest bit as far as I'm concerned. Congrats
  2. The one thing that sticks in my head from a speed awareness course (), is the phrase "he/she came from nowhere" - as the guy at the front wrote it on the whiteboard he spelt the final word as NOW HERE. It's the simple things that stick in my head ....
  3. Whatever you choose, check your insurance quotes with and without the security added. It sometimes makes no difference in price, and if something happens on the one time you don't chain it up, you're still covered if you didn't declare security items.
  4. Ah but, I sort of have a fear of needles. Gimme the needle gun to do it myself, and I'd be fine. Tattoo would look shite, but I'd be ok. It's having someone else in control of it that I hate. Took me 3 hours to pierce my ear with a needle as a kid, rather than go to the jewellers to have it done. My dentist knows not to use the probe too much on check ups, and treatment is done without numbing. Covid jab was done as soon as I sat down, without anything being said, as my missus had pre-warned the nurse. Gave me the spiel after it was done. Just a big girls blouse, me!
  5. You have to do what you are most confident with. I started later than you at 50 - bought a jag, bought a bike, and just have to get the courage for a tattoo to complete my mid-life crisis I went the 125 route for a couple of years after doing my cbt, and used it daily on my short commute. This gave me experience on the road in all weathers, and in all the different scenarios you encounter. Did my DAS as a 4 day course at the end of last summer with no problems (apart from a Southend to Ipswich journey for the test - bloody covid!). I'll be selling the 125 soon, confident t
  6. I was under the impression that if you haven't used the aircon for a while, the seals* will have perished and it will leak when you replenish it anyway? *o-ring type thingies, not sea mammals with big eyes.
  7. Can I ask why? Is it manoeuvring it around, or something else? I'm on my first 'big' bike, and it's fully faired (Deauville). Apart from the school bike, and my little cb125f, I've never ridden another bike. The Deauville is ok when moving, but a beast to get in the shed.
  8. Good that the driver could tell something wasn't quite right, may have stopped a disaster. A colleague at work has the railway guys doing much the same at the line at the bottom of her massive garden. Paying her £400 a week for access to the track, and gonna be at least 6 weeks work
  9. Compulsive viewing, makes me wish I had: a) a garage, b) the knowledge & c) the money. Mainly the knowledge though, I can save up and work in the garden when it warms up.
  10. Well done @Stu, much easier on the eyes As promised, my donation sent. Shep
  11. Passed M.O.T. this morning with no advisories @linuxrob - you're calipers look better than mine before you cleaned them, and I spent hours cleaning mine! Impressive.
  12. Happy to share this initial cost with you - saved more than that from some of the advice given on here
  13. Of course it's a coincidence the soon to be completed wheelie bin storage is big enough to store my bike ...
  14. That sounds good for an inexperienced wannabe spanner monkey like me
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