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  1. Yeah I think those washers that you mention were stuck on to the top of that plastic gear with gunky oil I've got some of that copper brake grease at my parents house so when I get chance I think I'm going to lubricate the brake bits as I think they are a bit stiff. Need to run the new tyres in, better make sure they're scrubbed clean before I set off tomorrow.
  2. Right, I got mucky again lol. Took the front wheel off and put in the plastic gear, seems to be working now thankfully. The bike is now fully fixed and ready for action (touch wood) medium distance ride tomorrow to test.
  3. Look what I just found in the boot. Bloody hell! http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq73/rosschambers1987/gear_zpsebc1bc28.jpg Am I missing anything else because I'm sure in the previous pictures it shows some metal washer'y type things. Not getting messy again today, only just had a shower and got cleaned up so gonna do it tomorrow probably. Cheers, Ross
  4. I think this is the bit I need, it looks like it's metal. http://scooterspares.org/clickpic/xl_cg ... 829%29.jpg
  5. Hi TomH, Thanks for the advice re the forks and chain. I've actually just got my tyres back from the shop and fitted the wheels to the bike, on my own which was tricky witht he back wheel. I've not ridden the bike yet as haven't fitted my indicators but now I have another problem.... My speedometer isn't turning round in the hub. When I turn the wheel, the little screwdriver looking thing inside the cylinder where the speedo cable plugs into should turn round, and was doing before but now it isn't. The reason is obvious from looking inside the brake unit. There is a little worm ge
  6. I had my CBR for about two weeks before I passed my test and could ride it. Was the best feeling ever riding it for the first time to work to show my mates. They are unbelievably fast haha!
  7. You're in a similar position to me then, although I had just got my licence. I got a CBR F4 and commuted to work on it. Hands used to get freezing and it was only a 20 min ride although my gloves were crap lol.
  8. You just got yourself on two wheels? Just in time for winter I passed my test end of October 2009 lol.
  9. MrBarry I'm a student and will save myself £20 by doing it myself, if it was a tubeless tyre I'd definitely get it done at a garage but because it's only a little cg I want to do things myself.
  10. You don't need to pop the bead onto the rim on the cg as it's a tubes tyre so basically the same as with a bicycle. Just the tyres are a lot harder to get off. I have ordered two 12" tyre levers and made myself some rim protectors out of an empty coke bottle. This time I'll also make sure I'll lube it all up with soapy water so that the bead will lever over the rim easier.
  11. You can balance the tyre yourself by just putting the axle through the wheel and balancing it on two axle stands either side of the wheel. The wheel should be able to remain stationary in lots of different positions. If the wheel turns round and settles at a position it means that it isn't balanced and a little weight needs to be added at the top. You keep doing this until it doesn't spin on its own.
  12. After having calmed down, I want to try and change the tyres myself, I feel like it's like admitting defeat getting it done by a garage. I called a garage near to me who said they would charge me £30 to change both the front and rear. I think if I were to spend a few £££ and buy myself some proper tools to do the job it would be better. I'm sure for less than £30 I could get what I need to do the job, instead of trying to use screwdrivers and spanners to get the tyre off the rim. As far as I can tell, I will need some plastic rim protectors and also some decent tyre levers. Ebay here
  13. Well I'm officially fed up lol. I tried to take the old tyre off the front wheel. No chance. How the hell do you get a tyre off?!?! Probably knackered the inner tube by shoving a screw driver in to try and lever the tyre out. Also I unscrewed the nut a little bit on the valve to see what it did and when I tightened it back up it got to the point where the thread slipped and it just kept turning but I hadn't even put that much torque into tightening it. Whilst I had the front wheel off the bike I also somehow knocked the bike forward and off the centre stand, the front forks smashed into th
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