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  1. Xtreme is fine.......chat to (and abuse ) him most days on his forum.
  2. We had a elderly neighbour....lived on her own....son used to visit occasionally.. My wife used to sit and chat with her a couple of times a day. We took her out for drives in the countryside and to the coast....did this for a couple of years. Bless her she died in my wife's arms one morning. We phoned the son who visited her on occasions....he came straight away. That afternoon the other 7 of her sons and daughters arrived!! Never seen any of them in the 6 years we have lived here!!! Turned up like bleeding vultures! to see what they could get.
  3. 1st time....married 1974... divorced in 1977..... Met present wife later in 1977.....been together since......we married in 1979.....seems to be working out fine.
  4. Fred


    Cheers Ian......just little ride still the weather improves.
  5. Fred


    Thank you very much
  6. Fred


    Thanks alot......was worth it in the end.
  7. Fred


    Cheers for that...I tried, but failed!
  8. Fred


    Wish I was, it would be alot warmer!
  9. Fred


    Er.....I have no idea why the photo is upside down. All sorted....thanks
  10. Fred


    My Triumph Tiger 885 After 3 months of working on it, and at times some frustration, it has a MOT and is back on the road!. It had been stood in a garage since 2015, and time had took it toll on some of the mechanics. Brake calipers all had to be overhauled, fork leg seals leaking badly, wheel bearings nearly seized, but the worst was the carbs. Inlet rubbers perished, carbs gummed up, carb gaskets perished, needle valves shot, jets blocked almost solid......replaced them all, but it took several tries to get them 100% clear and working. Took it for it's MOT on Monday,
  11. It certainly is @JRH.......I never quite realized how much daily life revolved around work, and it's limitations on precious free from work. Just need to get bike finished and back on the road..and some decent weather and get out of Covid restrictions.
  12. Tomorrow..........All the part are ready for doing the forks I just hope it's a bit warmer!
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