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  1. Looks wicked mate, I bet you're so happy with it! I love the blue
  2. Wow, awesome. Lovely bike! I can't wait to pass my test & buy my first bike!
  3. Hi mate cheers for the well wishes, it is slowly getting better now its just a waiting game but unsure for how long, and yeah there are definitely a lot of idiots out there who are more than happy to ruin your day I guess it could have been worse for you, Did you have gloves on too? I haven't much riding experience at the moment, infact I have 0 riding experience as I'm doing my CBT next week! I thought the gloves/ protective gear protected you from stuff like this I'm constantly looking out of my mirrors for Bikers, it just baffles me how some drivers are in a world of their own whil
  4. Definitely a scam, People surely don't fall for these kind of scams! I tried selling a motor on Gumtree a few years back & this happened to me, I dont use Gumtree much anymore.
  5. Absolute Idiots, So many of them on the road now a days! Your finger looks so painful, I hope it heals quickly!
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