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  1. Thanks everyone, I would like nothing better than to discuss it, but it could harm my defence and compromise my bail conditions. It is serious, I don't know how I could explain the circumstances without divulging specific details. The only thing that I probably can say is that there are no charges against me at this point in time
  2. Thanks, I hope so too, but won't know the outcome for some weeks yet
  3. Thanks everyone, got one sorted. It's a personal issue and not something for an open forum. I probably won't be on as much as I have too much to deal with, but I will pop in now and again just to say i'm still here
  4. It wasn't going to bode well in a country that has a free for all when it comes to driving
  5. Thanks Bender, it was a longshot
  6. As above, in need of some advice.
  7. Seems to be brightening up a bit now, I might take the CG out for a run later as it hasn't really been used since it's MOT back in November
  8. This is why I like using Tor for most of my searches as it creates relays and never has the same IP on start up
  9. I also use Duckduckgo, also use Tor to check out any suspicious looking links
  10. I might be out on Tuesday as the weather looks promising
  11. dynax

    New bathroom

    Liking the minimalist look
  12. Not yet, but they will have, if I get the chance tomorrow I will see what they have at my local auto centre
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