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  1. Good morning Can't fault the service from Marrutt, i bought the new printer cartridges @2pm yesterday and i should have them today by 12 noon, just having my lovely morning instant coffee, then going shopping so i can make sure i will be home to take delivery
  2. Hopefully will be able to get my printer up and running again by the end of the week, bought some refillable cartridges to replace my current system, hopefully once the heads have been cleaned i should be fully functional
  3. Mine is an as and when i get the chance You never know what nasties are hiding behind those headstones
  4. There is only one use for a lubed up banana and it ain't on a chain , I moved away from the spray stuff onto gear oil and i use a paint brush to apply it, take your time to get it into all the nooks and crannies
  5. No not this year, @Six30 is the one that deserves it, he has had to work hard this year to keep it, just unfortunate he lacks that natural talent
  7. Pierce as in Pierce Brosnan in the tv series Remington Steel, and Charles as in Charles Emmerson Winchester 3rd from M*A*S*H, yes the Colt has a blue colour finish, and obviously the Schofield couldn't think of another reference except for the Department store that is no more
  8. I could do, and if i did they would probably be called Blue, Philip, Pierce, and Charles
  9. I have mentioned them before, so it's not new news
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