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  1. wow, how did he die? At the speeds they do always possible for them to crash, but i never really thought it would happen to racers nowadays. RIP
  2. memame


    Im pretty sure that if an employer is proven to pay men more than woman then that employer could get done and a receive a fine
  3. Big macs have gotten smaller too lol, that pee's me off
  4. memame


    WWE is a joke lol, but it is quite entertaining to watch sometimes
  5. Some people may have had previous experience on a certain bike and found that it rust in the first winter, breaks all the time etc. So people just want to clarify that the bike they want is good and reliable Others are just lazy
  6. Good luck mate Only advice i can give is that you should treat it like any other ride with a mate. For example i got a minor for stopping at a roundabout when i didnt need to. He said i could of went straight through as i could see that nothing was coming, which i would of done normally - except as i was on a test i though he'd want to see me stop. best way i could describe it i guess is that they want to see bikers, not people doing their CBT pt.2
  7. memame

    Lady gaga

    to be fair if any of us was offered the opportunity to pork lady gaga, then we'd would jump at the chance! .. just maybe take a bag to put over her head perhaps
  8. memame

    Lady gaga

    that black guy behind her is always in all her vids and alot of her tours
  9. have you seen either of these in the flesh yet?
  10. i assume you have the jacket already? They could be unisex to be fair
  11. But theres 4 other members of the power rangers, they cant all wear black!
  12. the blue looks more unique, theres tonnes of black bikes, the blue stands out a little more.
  13. aww well not to dwell on it. you booked a new test yet?
  14. In answer to your question juniper.... I dont think £400 to spend on training is a bad desicion if it makes me ride safer, but I werent going to pay £400 to be taught how to go round a set of cones... Im all up for staying alive, if a real training course was available to me then i'd do it, but being a student with f**k all money then its not in my best interest to spend a large sum of money to be taught "lifesaver when turning off a roundabout" when I could do it myself.. To put it simply the training i referred to was specifically aimed at allowing me to pass my test and since I did pas
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