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  1. And the last 2. Theses are my last entries I shant be touring Scotland this year. Looking forward to next year already. Thanks to Hoggs for all the hard work organising the event and for adjudicating I picked up my new Forza 300cc scooter 70 plate on 7th September 2020 just done 4800 miles not bad for an OAP. Its great fun to ride crisess 60 to 70 mph and turns 75 mpg to 85mpg
  2. Here are my latest photos. Managed to get round Wales before the new lockdown.
  3. and the remainder Love my new scooter Honda Forza 300 jutr over 4 weeks old now 70 plate just turned 4000 miles cruises 70mph does about 85 mpg
  4. and the last for the time being everyone stay safe and stay well
  5. I had a similar problem many years ago and it was the vent to the fuel tank blocked. A vacuum developes in the tank which the fuel pump cant overcome. try drilling a very small hole in the filler cap.
  6. After a hectic time here i have sorted out my latest photos
  7. Hello here are the last photos I took before the lock down.
  8. its been a busy wet and windy 2 weeks but here are my latest photos
  9. its been a busy wet and windy 2 weeks but here are my latest photos
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