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  1. Over 30 years ago I fitted small speakers into my helmet for my motorway commute, now I only ride for fun I don't need the music, even when I did long rides in France and Spain I didn't bother, the ride was enough
  2. I don't think I would trust any locker here, sadly they would be a target for thieves.
  3. I'm retired, and didn't think I missed work at all, but on Monday I did a small job for my ex boss at his home, he is also now retired, and I realised that I did miss working, so I went along to my old firm yesterday and offered to do some holiday cover. I'm not going to work every day, or every week, but just a bit here and there to keep me occupied, and make some extra cash as well
  4. Can you get a delivery job? even part time? It will make a difference
  5. Years ago I was due to loose my licence, I had the AA breakdown and that gave me legal cover. They provided a solicitor and I changed my job to one requiring a licence. I kept my licence but got a large fine. Does your insurance have legal protection? Or your breakdown service? You may get the solicitor from them. It was a long time ago and thing may have changed, but can you get a job as a delivery rider? Or a van delivery job? It will all help
  6. Thank everyone for the fast response. I've done it today and the bike is resting until tomorrow so it has a chance to soak in
  7. I have had my little Enfield for a year now and I have never put any lube on the chain, oops I have had Harleys for years and totally forgot, I don't use the bike a hell of a lot, and not often in the rain, so should be ok. I'm doing it before the next time I take it out.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, I have had bikes on and off for over 50 years and never had this problem, including when my Harley never came out to play for the winter months. This bike does not have separate primary drive oil it runs in engine oil, don't know if that makes a difference bit the advice has saved a few hours and some cash too.
  9. Hi I'm having a problem with the clutch on my Bullet 500. When I first ride it every day the clutch will not disengage, so I put it in gear hold the rear bake on and push the starter the clutch separates and it is fine for the rest of the day. I am thinking about replacing the plates but not sure if it needs it as there is no slipping or any problem disengaging apart from when it has been standing overnight. Any ideas please
  10. As I only use it locally, around town it is fine. If you are after anything but a commuter then this is not the bike. anything above 60 and it shakes like hell. For what I got it for it is great but only in town, and even then I have to thrash it up the motorway every so often to clear it out or it starts to sulk
  11. Now the total lockdown has been lifted, we went out on the little Enfield yesterday, so good to be back on two wheels after all this time. The sticking front brake that I freed off the other week is fine now, the bike started first push of the button and rode perfectly, I think it is a bit lazy and likes a rest. Now we have no restrictions on travel I will be out on the bike a lot. Mrs. Ex is not happy with the Enfield, it's a bit small and no good for anything but short journeys, I got it it as a town bike and it is great for that but after riding Harleys for years it is a bit on the sm
  12. Sorry I have not been here for a while. I had the test and it was negative, but the test took 4 days to get to me and be available for me to use. After that it was not processed for a week after that, so in reality no use at all. I'm still not fully over it, I am much better, but if I exert myself for a few hours, I get the symptoms back. They say it takes 6 weeks to get over it, I am in week 5 so hope to be better soon
  13. I think I have it, I have a home test kit but can't use it until tomorrow, then a wait for the results. I have had "it" for a while so I'm hoping for a negative result
  14. Thanks guys but not new pads, the caliper was sticking a bit after I didn't get to ride it for a while when I went back to work for a bit. So just stop down and free off same pads so should be ok. I will test it first chance I get but that be a while yet.
  15. Yesterday I stripped down the front caliper and freed off the pistons cleaned the pad guides and put some copperslip on and put it back together then checked it was free. All good but then the really hard thing, the sun was shining and I had to put the bike away, normally I would have been off for a long "road test" but these are strange times, so back in the shed.
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