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  1. Any recommendations for a training centre to do my full test in/near stockport?
  2. Its from a zephyr 750. Have been told the zrx 1100 bolst straight in but the wheel widths are different the zephyr is 150 and a zrx is 170
  3. Im looking for a tubular swing arm to fit a zephyr 750. Any info or guidance appreciated
  4. Tubular swing arm wanted with dimensions shown in photos. Any leads or guidance much appreciated!
  5. Got a new lambda sensor. Absolutely no difference?!
  6. The mongrel has big enough tyres with wire wheels. Its for a cafe racer project my pal is doing on a zephyr 750
  7. That makes so much sense why didnt i think of that will order a new one cheers
  8. 1991 kawasaki zephyr 750 Just checking . They also made a 550 and an 1100 . Nothing on eBay . First place i looked, they seem to be rare as rocking horse s**t so thought id try on here
  9. Evening. I own a mutt mongrel 125. Ive been having an ongoing problem with it. It seems when i first start the bike wether i leave it for a minute or ten minutes when i pull away in first gear and come to a stop at the end of the road the bike will always seem to cut out. Once ive started it again and got it going with a bit of lag and got going through the gears it doesnt happen again. The bike is fuel injected ive checked the air filter its had a new coil pack and spark plug and an oil change. Where do i go from here?
  10. I know this is a long shot but if anyone has for sale or information for getting my hands on some kawasaki zephyr wire wheels would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey. I have a 1991 kawasaki zephyr 750. Im doing a cafe racer project with it and want to extend the swing arm slightly. Does anyone know of a longer swing arm thats bolts into this bike? Any info would be helpful! Thanks
  12. Just a quick one but cant find much info on the subject can you fit tubed tyres to a tubeless rim?
  13. Yeah standard the bloke who owned before me barely rode it.
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