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  1. If I recall correctly, I'm sure the tyres are different sizes for the CBR125, are the ones you have the same sizes? Just had a look and found the undernoted (from Wiki): 2004-2010 Model: Front Tyre: 80/90-17 Rear Tyre: 100/80-17 2011-2016 Model: Front Tyre: 100/80-17 Rear Tyre: 130/70-17
  2. Your daughter must have passed her test before April 2009 then as that was the old system, I'm sure a lot of the folk here who are learning just now would love it if it was still that system as they just need to wait 2 years before going to anything they want.
  3. Happy Birthday Mike! Many happy returns! Have a good one!
  4. I signed the petition about a week ago back when there was only around 1k folk have signed it, I'm sad to see that there hasn't been much movement since then, by the time there is enough signatures, we would probably be in another form of lockdown by then. I do feel for the instructors though as there is not enough support to help them through is pandemic.
  5. Well what do you know, I came 2nd, (reclaiming the rightful place. ) Nah, I was lucky, @Hoggs did have the better riders in the end so it was pot luck that I managed to claim 2nd. Our bitter rivalery will continue next year. (lol)
  6. Is this weekend's race a new track for all the riders??
  7. I first read that thinking you've done 16 and 17 league seasons but then realised you meant the years.
  8. me too I've always had a soft spot for Nakagami but he does have a tenancy to spoon it He really does, I think the pressure gets to him when he's in front, he seems to fair better when he's following the pack rather than leading it.
  9. OH! so you and [mention]rennie[/mention] are actually season veterans in this "sport". Now I'm glad I didn't do too bad for my first season. I really need to trade players next season, been using the same 4 since the start, however it does give folk hope that you can still do well with just the same players all year round.
  10. It really was a great race, I'm hoping Nakagami makes podium in the last race, he's been so close the whole season. He's not in my fantasy league team or anything, just gutting that he's always so close but yet so far..
  11. on the MCN one a few years back I finished inside the top 1500 globally... don't think I'll be reaching those heights again any time soon That's pretty good going, do you remember how many players played that one?
  12. At the end of this league, I think we should individually post where we rank on the global rankings to see how we did against all the other fantasy league players.
  13. It's like we've traded places!! I had to use a Boost to get ahead of you, would be running on empty this week so I'm sure you will be ahead at the end of this league....however you never know!
  14. Very unlikely but we never know, Suzuki could finish 1 2 this week, that should boost [mention]Hoggs[/mention]'s chances.
  15. 1 rennie 1,178.0 2 SuzukiRF 1,110.5 3 Hoggs' Hooners 1,109.5 4 Petrolhedz 852.5 5 My little mule 688.0 Boom! Back to 2nd...though I would imagine this would be short lived as we enter the last race this week. Well done [mention]rennie[/mention] on coming first.
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