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  1. I think I would have done better if I just stuck to the same 4 riders I started with. Just going to have to hold onto these riders and see how they do. #TeamSuzuki is over.
  2. Lol! Just saw the results so spoiled the race for me. I guess that's Game Over for me this year, I highly doubt I'll be able to catch up now.
  3. I really wanted Miller back in my team but I took a gamble with MM due to the weather so I'm hoping it rains when MotoGP race comes along. *does the rain dance*
  4. I'm hoping for wet conditions for my gamble. I think this is the first time I actually managed to make Moto3 on the telly.
  5. Happy Birthday!! Many Happy Returns!!
  6. I took a gamble, don't know if it will pay off or not. Everything depends on what the weather will be like tomorrow.
  7. Following on from @fullscreenaging, it's actually free now to check your license entitlement. You just need to enter your license details on the GOV.UK. Good Luck! https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
  8. oooo, I did not know that, learnt something new today.
  9. Are both not the same bike?? Lol. But of the 4 though, Kawasaki looks the parts.
  10. Ok, so I tried to get all the petrol stations nearby me but only managed to find 7 as the one for Jet has now changed to a Esso. So Shell, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury, BP, Tesco and Esso. Don't think there is a Texaco until I get near England; will try and find one when I venture down south. So 70 points, yay not last.
  11. Very nice bikes, you and your partner are going to have a great summer! Haha
  12. Congrats on passing your test @gymwitch Hopefully I read your post right as you never actually said YOU passed but your partner did.
  13. My mate brought his the other week where it was 3k miles on the clock, 2010 model with full service history for £1,700.
  14. I think I seriously need to consider if I should swap out Suzuki as my Constructor team as it's affecting my ability to score decent points in each race but then I am Team Suzuki.
  15. I like how they keep the main building the same but then build a modern building next to it so folk could stay there instead.
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