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  1. I have a ScottOiler, I don't use it anymore though as I cba to refill it, but I do still use the ScottOil. Great stuff, not sticky and doesn't fling all too much.
  2. I'm central Leicester buddy, only a few miles from the city centre.
  3. Nope lockdown was lifted. We are as the rest of the country now except we can't have people in our households or gardens. Very bizarre but that's what they said lol. Its all good, just nice to see some people talking on the midlands area!
  4. Mine remove whilst on the bike, few bolts and a gasket. Not sure how it is with your bike..
  5. Don't think twice, its alright - Bob Dylan
  6. Stripped and cleaned. Replaced fork seals, chain and sprockets. Cleaned air filter, checked oil and fluids Went to start her up.. and battery is KAPUT. Next.. try to revive!
  7. Will you be there - Michael Jackson Bump this game into the year 2020
  8. Very true, worst case I could whip it off and put the original back on. Just a faff as I need to reattach the pillion pegs etc lol
  9. As title says, been off the bike for a few years but getting back on and wondered if any riders active in Leicester/shire areas. Dont worry about pace, im capable of keeping up with most even now
  10. Thanks [mention]Snod Blatter[/mention] , will have a gander! [mention]husoi[/mention] , I've always done my own work on my bike. Its pristine regarding mechanical, just worried the exhaust will give me a slap on the wrist. Its not deafening, but it is pretty throaty! Lol Thanks [mention]Tiggie[/mention]
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