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  1. Remember that you’re the one perched on top of an engine.
  2. Found this pic. … this isn’t the location where the car was painted though.
  3. I must admit that I had no idea that it might be illegal to wash or work on a vehicle on a road … this thread reminds me of the time back in 1983 when I decided to repaint my silver Vauxhall Viva red. … so of course I did this on the road outside the house. I had no driveway. Worked out really well actually. Used an electric spray gun suitable really for painting fences. … all was good until I moved the car. And there was a large red rectangle painted on the road! … I did notice recently that the red paint has gone from the road. I think it might have been resurfaced. And it was over 35 years
  4. Well it seems only right for Kawasaki’s to be green. They do seem to be changing the shade of green they use? … here’s my bike. I like it.
  5. I have received a reply from Kawasaki this morning. My warranty has been extended until July 2021 … so I will take it to a dealer when I can and get the service. Very many thanks to TimR for his advice on this. I had absolutely no idea about the warranty extension until I read his post. This is an example of how the forum is very useful. Going forward, after the warranty ends, I will look after the bike myself. But will try to find a good independent near me for stuff like valve clearances.
  6. You may be correct in that the main dealers are open. I’m not sure. However I live in North Yorkshire and the nearest Kawasaki dealers are either in Newcastle, Middlesbrough or Batley. They are all well over 30 miles away. … under the current lockdown restrictions I don’t think that travel would be legitimate. It’s a bit of a grey area I think. North Yorkshire police are very vigilant on the lockdown. My understanding is that it might be ok after March 29th when we don’t have to stay local. I do appreciate the advice.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. The link from TimR re Kawasaki extending warranty periods is very interesting. I have emailed Kawasaki this afternoon and asked for clarification on how this might affect me. I will update this thread when I get a response. Thanks again.
  8. So my bike is a Kawasaki Z650. 2019 model. It will be two years old beginning of April. And the warranty expires then as well. I’ve done 3300 miles. There are no issues that I am aware of. I took the bike for the first service at 600 miles to an official dealership. They did an oil change. I fully intended to take bike for a service last year but with Covid it just didn’t happen. The nearest Kawasaki dealership to me is over 30 miles away. I’m pretty sure it would be flouting lockdown to take it for a service right now as it is not really essential. The service due now is fairly minim
  9. Tracey Crouch has signed. She is a Conservative mp for Chatham I believe
  10. Signed. And written to my mp asking them to support the motion
  11. Signed. Seems a very sensible proposal
  12. It is obviously disappointing to purchase a new vehicle and have a problem with it. I have no experience of BMW motorcycles. i did once purchase a brand new car. The engine definitely had catastrophic failure when almost new. It stuck a con rod through the engine block. It was a Rover Metro (it was a long time ago!) … anyway Rover repaired my engine. Including a new block. All of the parts were swapped over to the new block. It never occurred to me that they should have replaced the engine completely. Personally I’m thinking that the important thing is that the manufacturer iden
  13. Fitted some frame sliders to the Z650 … thinking it’s a good idea before I drop the thing. And I thought the R&G ones weren’t too ugly.
  14. There is some filtering in this video. Not that I recommend trying it!
  15. I hesitate to post this because I know I’m going to be ridiculed. I mean I wouldn’t believe it myself. But I swear it is true. I have an Alexa. Recently a female friend came to see me. She had had a row with her husband. She was spending time apart. I am widowed. I have been for a few years now. I told my friend that when I was married my wife and I had some troubles and spent time apart. And when we were together again I said things between us were better than ever. At that very moment Alexa began playing a song that my wife used to play a lot. Annie Lennox, Money can’t buy it. … we wer
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