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  1. There is some filtering in this video. Not that I recommend trying it!
  2. I hesitate to post this because I know I’m going to be ridiculed. I mean I wouldn’t believe it myself. But I swear it is true. I have an Alexa. Recently a female friend came to see me. She had had a row with her husband. She was spending time apart. I am widowed. I have been for a few years now. I told my friend that when I was married my wife and I had some troubles and spent time apart. And when we were together again I said things between us were better than ever. At that very moment Alexa began playing a song that my wife used to play a lot. Annie Lennox, Money can’t buy it. … we wer
  3. I think we may be the last generation with the opportunity to ride a motorcycle on public roads. I say that because we are, I think, at the beginning of a transition to self driving cars. I have read that, in testing, self driving cars have difficulty in identifying solo motorcycles. Of course these difficulties may be overcome to an extent. But I have a gut feeling that in 20 or 30 years time motorcycling will become a track only pastime. If at all.
  4. Not particularly. Although I’m sure it would have been fine.
  5. Well I have returned to biking after a break of about 20 years. I haven’t actually ridden many bikes. … I wasn’t sure what bike would suit me. I was tempted by the Royal Enfield Interceptor.… I’m afraid I was a bit put off them by memories of RE as old fashioned technology. I think I may have been wrong. I was looking at the Honda CB500 and I think that would have suited me. But I tried a Kawasaki Z650 and it seemed to fit and just feel right. … I’m quite sure I would have felt the same if I had ridden an MT07 or maybe the SV650 … I’ve never ridden a bike with a fairing so I don’t know if I wo
  6. I’m not a fan of correcting spelling on Internet forums but unless you are American then Grandad is the correct spelling
  7. That definitely sounds like a plan. The only flaw I can see is that surely you will need to have furniture etc in a house you buy? Just as you need in the one you rent.
  8. I used to work with someone who claimed that he and his partner maxed out their credit cards to use as a deposit for a house purchase … it was a few years ago and they might have tightened up on that sort of thing
  9. Thanks guys. And gals … appreciate the advice
  10. So after returning to motorcycling after a long break one of the things that seems to be recommended now is that helmets need to be replaced every five years. … I don’t remember this from my previous biking. I remember that they shouldn’t be dropped. Or have stickers applied. But replacing if it all seems perfectly ok is new to me. Now I probably will replace the helmet when the time comes. But to be honest I’m not convinced on the science. I’m thinking it’s bullshit to sell more helmets … what do others do? Does everyone replace their helmet regularly?
  11. I used to have a Yamaha SR 125 and it always sounded just like the clip. From new. … I think it’s the same engine? I personally wouldn’t worry too much.
  12. I’m surprised aggressive riding. Wheelies etc are actually allowed in an advertisement … bike looks great though
  13. It looks very nice but they seem to have put the AGV sticker on back to front
  14. Davidtav


    Hi Fastbob … no actually. I’ve just looked at the map to check those roads … my destination is Portavadie. And I travel from Ripon. Several times a year … so I cross from Scotch Corner on A66. M6 to Gretna. Then A75 and A76 up to Irvine. Route through Largs to Erskine Bridge. Then the roads get interesting. … might try your suggestion up to Glasgow next year
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