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  1. I would like to thank... oh hang on. Not yet. Erm.
  2. Hey Rich, hope you are getting some zeds now. We had a special siphon tube with a one way valve to suck the snot out and that helped.
  3. Nope, I just followed the link posted. Turns out that has nothing to do with it for IOS.
  4. I can download TestFlight on ios but it is asking me to redeem a voucher or invitation code. I cannot get beyond that
  5. Torque does not equal power. They are related. I have no idea about cars and bikes but in physics they are differ t things. Just like volts is not amps.
  6. I think it is about navigating to posts if you navigate away and want to navigate back. They are then not on the most recent/unread list whereas they used to remain but not in bold.
  7. I’m getting really confused. I thought that horse power is an expression of power, that torque is an expression of effort around a pivot. I don’t mean in motorcycles or cars or whatever I mean that is what they are? like a metre is a metre is a metre, it is an expression of length, a ft/pound it Newton Metre is exactly that. And that in the case of the Newton metre it measure the expression of power around a pivot? I only have my GCSE physics to depend upon. I’m curious about how does x Bhp lead to different Torques. Does that mean the distance from the pivot has changed?
  8. If you press the motorbike forum it takes you to the forum list. I agree the way it was worked better for me but I’m managing.
  9. What the F has gay or not got to do with anything. Can we stick with criticising these cuts for the actual awfulness involved rather than implying theirnsexuality has anything to do with anything and by inference that gay is bad. a group of people choosing to flout the restrictions and putting people at risk is not victim blaming it is identifying the groups of muppets who share in the responsibility. I happen the think the government have complicated things and that does not help.
  10. I thought that they were going to change the restrictions for the tiers to be stronger? That all the science and our experience shows us the tier system as was will not help.
  11. I thought torque was the expression of power around a pivot? Like Newton metres and stuff?
  12. James in Brum


    If you get a cat then you have two different species of animal intruding on life.
  13. Yup I’d be the same. If the flux capacitor does need changing, is it dangerous or just going to break?
  14. Mine sounds terrible when I listen, well not terrible but it sounds like lots of metal bits all moving. Works fine,
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