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  1. The question is not is it 9k better but is it (the likely depreciation over your ownership) worth more than the other.
  2. I have very few of these, just the one or two for each time I have tried to mend my bike which I have only had 18months. so far there was when the Carbs were leaking, I managed to take them off and service but then there was a leak which seemed different. First one had been because the float was keeping it open. New one was because of a crack in the float bowl. That crack must have been me over tightening the drain screw. Not the end of the world that one, I took a bike that would not start and got it to the point I could ride it to the garage. Shame I did not take time when putting the b
  3. I once rode my bike to the garage 1mile down the road with the rear brake callipers bouncing around. I had half finished putting the rear back together then moved on to sorting Carbs. Couldn’t fix the carb leak once I had serviced them (cracked bowl) and in a fluster did not check. Once I had booked the garage. I looked and felt a total twit.
  4. Cheers sprinkled on top, cool crepe/pancake one side flip it, add the egg and the cheese on top so the heat through the pancake cooks the egg and melts the cheese.
  5. I don’t have the energy, too unfit because of too many carbs.
  6. Rich and beautiful. Needed some roasted mushrooms and maybe some garlic spinach to make it a perfect meal.
  7. It was a thing Rick Stein did on Saturday Kitchen. A crepe with a fried egg and cheese in it
  8. I’m not quite the Stud that @jedibikeris though.
  9. @jedibiker next week will be exhaust week again on TMBF
  10. Will post in epicure my lunch. We tried a thing off of Saturday Kitchen.
  11. Having to put the bike to one side I am doing house chores and attending to my future food,
  12. Thanks for the advice. I have a torque wrench. Wrong size though for my sockets that are small enough I will have a butchers at options.
  13. You’re right, not being able to get the exhaust to marry sufficiently prevented the gaskets crushing I think
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