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  1. Turns out I'm now in the bad books. I didn't listen to the misses about the hen do she is on. Its an over nighter and she wont be back till late afternoon which not scuppers biking plans. Maybe the following weekend or even a decent week night blast through somewhere?
  2. Hi Ben, I could probably do next weekend yeah. If it is Sunday it would have to be mid afternoon. My misses has a hen do the day before so might be a tad rough.
  3. Looking at doing a run next week. Sunday 14th. My usual run is past duck day marina, onto haul rd, military road (my favourite road) then onto inverarry. Couple of stops along the way. Feel free to join.
  4. Hey guys, defos up for arranging a few runs. Im looking to squeeze as many into july as possible as ive got an ACL knee rebuild happening at the end if the month. Let me know when u are free and ill be up for sorting something
  5. Hey all, Thought i would poke my nose in here and introduce myself. Got a post in the newbie section aswell. I'm from Paisley and drive an 06 R1. Regularly out myself heading towards arrochar and inverarry. Guys i usually head out with are pulling excuses out the sky to not make it out for a run haha. If anyone is out and about drop me a message and ill tag along.
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