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  1. It looks really sweet buddy. Aye it’s a shock to the system isn’t it lol I went from my yzf 125r to zx6r which funny enough is also a 1998 model. Any issues getting her started at all? Mines starts fine but I’ve got to do a bit of dance with the choke to keep it ticking until it’s heat up lol once it’s got a bit of heat in the engine it runs perfect but these older models can be a little temperamental lol
  2. StoneyNinja


    Have a fantastic time. I hope you catch some nice weather while you’re here. You have a lovely bike big guy, ride safe and enjoy Scotland it is beautiful up here for sure! Dean
  3. Very nice man! What year is it? Bet she sounds absolutely wicked with that Scorpion aswell! Hope you’re good dude, just picked up my first big bike in December there also so I share the same enthusiasm lol Dean
  4. Hey guys hope you are both well. I’m from Uddingston just outside Glasgow and hoping to get plenty Loch runs in also! Would be more than happy to meet up with you both and get a ride in. Dean
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