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    Kawasaki Kh 125 1992
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    Learning to restore bikes. Fly Fishing, Sea Angling and cycling.
  1. Hey...so found the issue! Basically there is a multi lead plug behind the headlight that connects to the main wiring harness, one pin was completely loose. So just repaired it viola! Glad it was not something worse!
  2. Thanks for the response, I've been told to also try making the two connectors to the brake switch make contact, if the light comes on it may just be that I am unlucky enough to have a faulty new switch! Otherwise will need to reluctantly chase the loom =(
  3. Hello fellow motorcycle amigos! I have a issue with my brake light... So thw rear brake works fine, front brake doesnt work. So have replaced brake switch and still does not work!! =S Bike is a CB1000R, any advice would be much appreciated! Wiring seems ok around switch, cant figure what it is! Many thanks in advance, R
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