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  1. I’m only 3 years too late but MT07 owners club worth a shot if you have the bike still ....
  2. Good to see you too! That is essentially it for me, all in one place, being too lazy ha. Its odd though as I have got older FB is rarely used for seeing what friends are doing or myself putting a status up, if I want to catch up with friends i'll just message them. I literally use it for bike specifics groups or other interests. Funny how life changes as you grow up, have kids etc. My main interest is instagram, but even that will likely fade away in time.
  3. So I rarely come on this forum or any forums anymore in all honesty which is a shame as joined long time ago and used it a lot up to a year or so ago. Facebook groups has taken its place especially in terms of bike specific clubs for me. Has there be a decline in forum usage out of interest? I will make the effort to use it more again
  4. If you have the spare money and you enjoy it, then why not.
  5. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i200/odloveless/Bike/F8644852-6FD2-41C3-AC73-D635DFA41016_zpsqloh8hzx.jpg
  6. Just bought a Icon Variant Thriller £300. Doesn't have internal visor but comes with free dark visor fog treated. It has feckin vents everywhere. Going to a ball ache in winter but summer it's perfect. I think it looks damn nice too! http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i200/odloveless/Bike/11D7AE35-F518-408C-8C8F-93699A10E672_zpsub9srf4m.jpg
  7. NearOn

    My MT09

    In a perfect world I'd have an MT09. When it came to choosing between that and the MT07 though, there was something about the MT07 which for me had the edge and grin factor. Actually in my absolute perfect world I'd have the 07 to commute, an 09 for weekends and a MT10 for whenever the f*k I like ha
  8. It depends on what you are comfortable with really. Where I live currently they are building a pointless road across Norfolk and it's causing built up traffic along most of my route to work. Most days I'll filter through and involves moving into middle of road, most drivers coming opposite way do move over to give that extra bit of room which I know they don't have to. Do get occasional person who refuses to though. My mentality is to take it steady through it, been passed a few times by twats on peds who sit at 30 filtering regardless of hazards.
  9. I do see where the OP is coming from. I was in a similar situation in 2009 and fortunate that then you could still rock up on your 125 (over 24 years of age), pass MOD 1 and 2 and then 2 years down the line you could ride anything you like whilst in the mean time ride pretty much any 600cc bike (restricted) I too could not afford the DAS training at the time but wanted rid of the L plates. I had about 1 year of riding around on my 125 at the time and 6 years car driving, I passed MOD 1 second time round after practicing myself in car parks and MOD 2 first time round. I also sold the 12
  10. Return of the Zod (there it is) Return of the Zod (come on) Return of the Zod (oh my God) You know that I'll be back (here I am) Return of the Zod (once again) Return of the Zod (top of the world) Return of the Zod (watch my flow) You know that I'll be back (here I go) Suppose doesn't work quite as well.....
  11. http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i200/odloveless/Bike/F8644852-6FD2-41C3-AC73-D635DFA41016_zpsqloh8hzx.jpg
  12. Hang on, what happened to the Irishman and Scotsman at the bar?!?
  13. Great bike! You can easily ride it for years without feeling need to move on unless you want something more suited to touring/longer rides, I've had two and both were superb. I also paid 1k for the last one I had and had to ride it back from Doncaster to Norfolk on a freezing day in February. Not quite the winds you had though, enjoy!
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