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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for he post and info. A smidge over 24 approaching 40 now .. 5”4 and about 11 stone. So something not too big and heavy would be nice and something I can be flat footed on. That’s what I was thinking with the MT03 but too be fair it would suffice. My main use would be errands, occasionally commuting, fun (weekend toy) I have absolutely really little need for a bike it’s just would love to itch the scratch since 19 always wanting to ride then it got forgotten about on the back burner till now. As the kids get bigger might be nice to move away from cars too so laying
  2. Fingers crossed I have a licence soon enough and was looking at a good first bike for a no experience rider never riden anything but a bicycle .. hoping to do a 6 day instensive DAS. So bikes that have caught my eye are : Yamaha MT03 or MT 07 not sure how adviseable jumping on a 600 odd cc would be control wise or if they feel more stable to ride .. I don’t want to issue off buying a 125 for a while then selling just looking for a simple affair The KTM DUKE 390 looks decent although some report issues with electrics .. has a nice tft dash These has been chosen purely buy taste
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