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  1. Bike(s) and location were totally incorrect.
  2. Not read this whole post so not sure if anyone else had the issues but! I've just had to amend my bikes & location as they were incorrect. Other than that, looks good!
  3. Discomfort


    Second this, battery. Do you have a multimeter to measure the battery voltage at rest and while cranking?
  4. If you don't have the chain attached it will just idle in gear turning the front sprocket only. It would only stall if there was a good link between the sprocket and back wheel. If you are saying this is the case before you removed the chain it was either too loose to the point it had fallen off the front sprocket or snapped at that point. Are you 100% you have drive from the clutch? Can you post pics of the chain, pref in situ showing how tight/loose it is, and even better solution would be a video showing it all in place and you engaging first gear so we can see whats going on as its a
  5. Do the insurance not cover these costs since its damage caused by theft?
  6. I've got a hero 7 black, managed to get it on ebay for £170 which was a steal. Super impressed with it at 4k 60fps, hypersmooth is amazing too so smooth!
  7. Why is it it noticed that magazine picture in the background first?
  8. Decided to do a bit of carbon wrapping to my ZX9R, came out quite nicely!
  9. He will become another statistic at this rate. Let him get hit, it will be one less muppet on the road, lets hope he doesn't kill anyone else in the process.
  10. Just done this for you. For the others, you enter NO names, email, contact information in anyway. Just watch the clips and then type whats happened along with some drop down boxes. - 10 mins max!
  11. Helps if you tell us what bike it is, all you have told us is colours.
  12. 12.3 is a little low, Whats it read when you try and start it, at a guess its dropping below 10v
  13. How old are you? You might be able todo DAS if your over 24 will cost around £600-£900ish and you will have an unrestricted A license.
  14. Also here is the link to the Show me, tell me questions. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/motorcycle-show-me-tell-me-vehicle-safety-questions
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