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  1. I'm told by the man at stealth that you can fit the new bobbins/washers/clips using a socket to drive them in
  2. Hi there, I am needing to do a bit of work on my front discs. A few of the bobbins are coroded and breaking up causing it to make a horrible noise. Stealth products to a repair kit, but in order to fit the new parts I need to angle grind out the old ones. I am in the manchester area and was wondering if anyone could please either let me use their grinder, or help me out with this? Thanks in advance, Toby
  3. Ello there, I am possibly going to need a pair of trousers (leather) altering. I want the zip changing so they will zip into my jacket which is a different brand. Has anyone used anyone in the north west (as close to manc as possible) for this kind of work? Cheers, Toby
  4. Man Utd fans? Mate it isn't fair to assume all southerners are dishonest! PS. I must be quite trusting as I left my bike for a month at your Ma's house having never met you!
  5. Man Utd fans? Mate it isn't fair to assume all southerners are dishonest!
  6. I want to have the strap on my helmet replaced. I saw a helmet I liked fastened to the little helmet bracket on the back of someones bike so chopped it off with a stanley knife and now I can't fasten it up........ Not really, it just sounded a bit more interesting than the boring crap you're about to read. I really like my helmet bar one thing, it has a seatbelt style strap clip, and if you tighten it up at the start of a ride it's loose about 2 hours later, my old helmet had a ratchet fastner which was great, and the one before that had had a double d fastening. Either one of those w
  7. Well I've been using a crappy old vans rucksack when I need to ride somewhere and take a change of clothes etc. It's not great and not too comfortable. What rucksacks can you guys recommend for bike use? I was looking at the Oxford Aeropack ones and they seem decent yet reasonable in price. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers guys
  8. Pyramid Plastics for huggers, R&G racing for bobbins
  9. Sorry mate I meant a bigger bar. I was saying I need to go to B&Q anyhow
  10. Yeah I do have a bar which I can slot over the end of the wratchet, but i'm after a torque wrench anyhow so can get a big one eh
  11. If a nights soaking doesnt do it any good a trip to B&Q is in order then!
  12. Hi mate, The rear ones are back in finger tight. The plan is to undo it, then push it out with the replacement engine bolt so the engine constantly has support. That's the way the installation instructions say to do it anyhow. Toby
  13. Hi there, Well I am currently fitting some R and G crash protectors to my 2001 SV650. 3 Bolts have to come out, the two rear ones which thread into the engine I was worried about, I snapped the front version of this the other week and it had to be drilled out. Anyhow, I got these two out no bother with a bit of plus gas. The main engine bolt that goes right through the middle won't budge. I tried using plus gas on it but no joy. The nut just won't loosen up! I've left it soaking overnight but does anyone have any tips or pointers for me? It shouldnt really matter if this one sna
  14. What is the best glue to use to clue plastic to plastic? It's for a part that something will be screwed into and may be pulled in a bit so will need an element of flex in it. I was thinking evostick? Any advise will be appreciated. Cheers. Toby
  15. Thanks for your reply murray. I think I may have to get someone out to sort it, really dont trust myself to do that without damaging it more!
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