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  1. I often visit their stores in Doncaster and Leeds, got most of my gear from them and my gf bought her bike from them. Well recommended
  2. I had some good experience with Jordan Bikes, can recommend them
  3. I also think you can only drive/ride on an EU licence for a year before you have to apply for a UK licence. spot on dave. As MattB posted above this is not true. Holders of EU drivers licence does not have to exchange it for UK licence. I had my licence for 5 years here until I decided to do my bike tests. I was even able to go through my tests using my foreign licence and only exchanged it to get updated categories printed. If it wasn't tests I wouldn't waste my money for exchanging my licence... (as it cost around £50 IIRC). To the OP, your best bet is to make a call or pop in to DVLA an
  4. 125 route seems to be cheaper but there are some risks involved. Sure you don't have to pay for lessons but who will tell you then if you do something wrong? Can you afford failing tests for a few times? No problem with MOD1 for £15 but MOD2 is £75... Also after you pass you'll have to restrict your new bike which can be expensive and then all the hassle selling your old 125 which if you are unlucky may take a long time and cost a bit as well. DAS only seems to be expensive
  5. Also B here. Bought cheap chinese copy-bike, rode it for about a year then went to school and did DAS. Only needed a 2-3 hours before each test and it cost me around £300 (including test fees)
  6. I had Maxxis Touring on my ninja for the last year and they were really good. Done maybe 8k miles on the front and slightly less on the rear, but only due to irreperable puncture. I have now fitted Michelin Pilot Roads and I must say they are not too bad either. Can't really fault them but I have a feeling somewhere deep down inside that I will go for Maxxis next time again
  7. Bought 2 years ago for around £80 (on offer in Halfords). Took me to Poland and back without any problem, good map coverage (full Europe). It has in build bluetooth but only to connect your phone as a hands free kit so only useful in car. I use it without any problem on my bike for nearly 2 years now. Recently did 80 miles in heavy rain with it, just put clear plastic bag over it. I would be mad to spend 4 times more for bike specific satnav if this does nearly everything as good. I could probably buy a £20 waterproof case from ebay but I'm too skint lol so I spent only £5 for bike mount and I
  8. Bought recently to replace my old Duchinni lid. Prices between £80-£100, got it from Lids Direct for half price so pretty happy with it. Comfy, quieter than Duchinni (still need ear plugs but that may be due to my can ), drop down sun visor - easy to operate, pinlock prepared, vents seems to be finally working, proper size breath guard and working chin guard, visor release mechanism quick and easy to use. The only thing I don't like is seatbelt strap mechanism. I can't now leave my lid strapped to my bike hanger Overall it is really good lid for the price and if someone is on a tight budget
  9. Bought for about £70 over 2 years ago as my first helmet. Very noisy, completely useless vents (none of them made any difference) and useless breath guard and visor change sometimes annoying. Cheap and basic lid, not really recommended. http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/d/u/ducd801mb01_4_3.jpg
  10. cypek

    Cheap Drill?

    I have Challenge set I bought in Argos a few years ago and it is still working fine...
  11. So many people wants to sign it that website seems to be down lo
  12. MOD1 for me. I failed 3 times but only because lack of training and trying it on an unfamiliar (my gf's) bike. I was really struggling with slow ride control. Then I went for DAS and passed it 1st time after a few hours of proper training
  13. I would probably fall asleep on my bike listening to that Years ago when I was going to bed I was putting that up on my casette player: "> Still love anything that is fast and heavy... Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjvohu5zJlI
  14. My gf got those fitted: EBAY LINK I have fitted it myself, took me just over an hour. You'll have to remove all side panels and drill holes in 2 panels but it is pretty easy and straight forward job. If you want you can pop in and have a look at my gf's R125, we're only 15mins from Wake
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