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  1. Second that ! You have come this far so please don`t bail just yet. Reasons for not bailing. 1. This is a bad time of year to be selling anyway 2. Covid lockdown means most serious people got more to think about than changing their bikes. 3. In about 12 weeks even if you can`t give it a proper run someone will be along to help. 4. we WILL unmercifully take the piss and nominate you for TOTY before Feb even over (@Six30 couldn`t manage that !). Do I need to go on? @Stu @Tiggie @oldgrump @fastbob guys help me out here! Cheers Ian
  2. Of course you can ! You probably have the right written into the small print on your Covid test results ! Cheers Ian
  3. Sorry to hear your result @Bender as the others have said hope your recovery is swift and you and your wife have only mild symptoms. Cheers Ian
  4. I am in the same boat but based in Northants. Local council have lock ups for rent but council staff all seem to be working from home and not helpful lol. If anyone around Kettering Corby area I would love to hear from you. Cheers Ian
  5. Replacement zips and velcro can usually be handled by Timpsons they can be found in little caravan type jobbies outside supermarkets where I live. I have used them in the past and they don`t do a bad job (even got the zip replaced on my oldest leather jacket which was my 21st birthday present back in 1983 and yes I can still get in it, its horse hide and the lady said they would never try to stitch that again lol) Cheers Ian.
  6. I am hoping that some of my fellow fossils on here will remember that the original Z1 and several other models and almost all BMW`s of the era had audible bleepers which I distinctly recall disconnecting because we didn`t want to sound like the old bill who used R90`s in London lol. I think because we never had self cancelling indicators we got better at cancelling them which back then was put the switch back to the centre position prior to push to cancel (Which I think started with RD`s but I am probably wrong). Cheers Ian
  7. You could always have asked @XTreme lol. Maybe @Stu will help? Cheers Ian
  8. Tis a matter of opinion and partly based on what the river Wandle smelt like back in the 80`s lol. Cheers Ian
  9. On motorways if the traffic is moving I try to go under the car on the outside only when he/she has no space to move into when not looking. I have spent quite a while toodling into and out of the mesmogalis on the M1 and A1 and it is a tactic that has stood me in good sted. It sounds simple but to keep moving smoothly and quickly and above all not inconvienience bikes behind you it takes a bit of practice. Cheers Ian
  10. For what it`s worth I got out of Croydon over 30 years ago and never regretted it. I am sure it is where they will stick the tube when they give the planet an enema! Cheers Ian
  11. My OH Carol has been administering Covid jabs most of the week and like your Dads experience things seem to be going well. Cheers Ian
  12. There is a brilliant spoof Charlie says about going off with strangers starring Jimmy Saville. Cheers Ian
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