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  1. Morning Mike. I forgot to ask how the fishing went the other day? Cheers Ian
  2. http://cycle-ergo.com/ Have a play on here! Apart from being great fun it should be perfect for your query. Cheers Ian
  3. Positively warm and cuddly ! I think the OP and @Six30 are probably in a car park waiting for the cover of darkness as we type lol. At least he didn`t ask why his Chinese 125 was falling apart/not starting (delete where applicable etc ) sorry @dynax but it`s usually true. If we are wrong and he turns out to be totally genuine I am sure @Stu will despatch @Tiggie to slap our legs Cheers Ian
  4. Coo you`ve started toning it down a bit these days for the newbies lol. Cheers Ian
  5. The splay looks ok but can always be touched up with a flat head punch (various sizes are available as a set for not too much which you should have sneaked in whilst at Halfrauds). Don`t want to say I told you so but I told you that chain tool was a touch Michael Rodent (the whale or equivalent is really the best just too bl**dy expensive). What splitter are you using @fastbob? Keeping parts from spindles on wire or my preferred zip tie should become habit James it saves so much head scratching. Well done on photographing everything though. Please go back to the pics o
  6. Hi James first of all count the links as has been said then check the sprockets are the same size. Assuming all is ok thus far cut the old chain using an angle grinder if possible as the kit you have whilst it says it is a splitter you will struggle I promise you. If you are familiar with riveting you will be fine following the instructions for installation but I would suggest you have a large punch and a good old fashioned hammer available to make sure. All this is redundant if you can borrow or hire a proper chain tool like a whale (purchase price nearly £100 but nothing bette
  7. Yes I seem to remember a few bikes in there back in 2009 ish when I used to go across to Herefordshire a lot. Cheers Ian
  8. Agreed ! Thanks @Bianco2564 Don`t suppose you know if they have a garden ? Agreed the run from Southam is nice especially as you rise up to Staverton where that garage opposite the pub always looks picture postcard old fashioned to me. Cheers Ian
  9. For what it`s worth check the chain tension is not over tight before you start calling for life support surgery on the little thing. Cheers Ian
  10. Don`t you just love the Americans view of history lol. Have they completely forgotten about the Z650 ? I accept the 550 was a lovely thing but it was hardly earth shatteringly new in any significant respect. The GPZ600 with the camchain repositioned ala the 900 would be a different kettle of fish perhaps. Cheers Ian
  11. I believe that after a set number of years this becomes an annual problem. Temporary solution is slacken belt and don`t fasten followed by a coffee and bacon sarnie then forget about it. Cheers Ian
  12. I will have a look on google maps sometime over the next day or so. This Saturday is out as I am travelling down to Dorchester to see how my Dad is getting on. Hopefully arrange something for very soon, I seem to remember a canalside pub near the A5 North of Weedon if you fancy it? (Not far from the Super Sausage cafe if you prefer?) Cheers Ian
  13. I agree with you on RST as well. I have a 2 piece touring set of theirs and had to order a size upi from what I thought would be right. Tried before I buy`ed lol. Cheers Ian
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