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  1. Pilot road 2's no question about it... and i would suggest going 120 alot of lads on the foc u forums hate it. Youll find a 110 pilot 2 easy.
  2. heres what i did, convert two hair driers to 12volt then fix one eitherside to each side of the swing arm, its adds approx 12bhp and 20mph on the max speed
  3. 320 miles at 45 quid is probably about right for a bandit.
  4. Go straight to Yamaha HQ and complain! Kick up a big stink about it safety issues etc you bought yamaha with confidence.
  5. Load of shite, any modern day tyres suitable for any bike nowadays. They are more suited to sports bikes but they will be fine on a bandit! Personally i'd of gone with the road pilot 2s for a bandit but the 3s will be fine!
  6. i always use a spanner on mine never had any problems, people seem to over tighten them when there really is no need!
  7. I bought EBC pads, was advised against carbonne lorraine are i wouldnt notice ant difference as they were for high performance machines. EBC are top quality so far
  8. Carbs Balance as in years is unknown, last service history i managed to find was at 9,000 miles (previous owner lost it) I service it regulary, recently ive changed the plugs filter and oil. Would explain why i can only achieve 47mpg and other fazer riders get 55+
  9. On startup my downpipes 3 & 4 seem to heat up ALOT faster than 1 & 2 i can't hear any blowing of any sort and i've only recently changed the plugs. Is this normal or would it suggest carbs balanced? Bike runs find and seems to jump 100-200rpm on idle. And its running fine on all 4cylinders
  10. i'm sure the halfords stuff, good shit so far, make sure you completely flush the old fluid out mind.
  11. Boro Jake

    Brake help

    Its sorted after a 20 mile ride, no longer rubbing
  12. Boro Jake

    Brake help

    Just changed my pads to EBC bedding them in at the moment i noticed they do rub a touch (it will still rotate 1 turn easy) then do get hot after riding and when i brake at high speeds i do feel some slight vibration through the handle bars. is this normal until the pads break in?
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