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  1. FWIW you only (want to) buy it once, you'll be using it forever.
  2. Look in RC model shops. This connector type is called EC3.
  3. That's not me, honest! I went zig zagging to Colchester and back.
  4. Cardo's fault is that they don't read minds! At the beginning you should RTFM to be able to use them for more than just comms. Once you do that, the rest is easy. It is voice controlled, I simply don't have patience to talk to the thing
  5. 10am??? Frigging early start for me, better be a good proper fry-up in Scarborough on the table at 10:05!!!! Why the fook not, I only plan to live once! When ?
  6. Rubbish! I started at my local Tesco, then had to top up before coming home. 180m in total Best day so far this year !!!!
  7. XJ6. Tiny bit of friction when kicking my tyre with No 8 boot (when in 1st with clutch in). I could "just" tell it wasn't in neutral. Started the bike cold, put it in first, clutch in - back wheel rotating one rev every 5s. But then it rotates one rev every 10s when in neutral on centre stand anyway - which is interesting, some directional oil flow? From reading all this, I suspect side stand switch...
  8. I have a pair of Packtalk Bold had it for over a year now. Can't fault them - works reallye well. Reason I bought them, the school was using them. These are definitely waterproof
  9. I settled on Sygic (had it for ages) and Locus Maps. Both offline, both have good updates. Locus is more "adventurous", Sygic is for going from A to B. And Google maps for errands.
  10. Finally sorted phone charging problem on my bike. I got myself a Givi S957B phone holder and I managed to find 10Ah slim QI-capable battery bank. Everything zips up nicely and works. Yes... I fully expect this combo to overheat if we get proper got summer - we'll see! For now it works perfect
  11. One day, when going past B&Q I'll remember! Need to remember, ran out of cleaning spray!
  12. One of the reasons I keep insurance up to date
  13. Load of bollocks! My school had a lowered XJ6 for that specific purpose. They'd use it also sometimes with zero-confidence people.
  14. Down. Lightweight (forgot the rating, not for winters!) which I'm hoping to be able one day to fold in a way that'll for in my jacket pocket Slept in it when sailing, I've not noticed any damp problems. It really packs away nicely.
  15. No, you're not. Of course you're not I'll add it to the list, thanks! Eventually this bloody lockdown will end...
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