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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a pillion grab rail/bar for my Honda CBR600F4. I currently have a luggage rail kind of thing which I don't like and want to get the original rail but I can't find one anywhere that's in at least okay condition. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi All I was down in Bristol last weekend and had some time to kill so called into Fowlers of Bristol to have a look. Seemed like a good place and I loved how many bikes where there and range of manufacturers. It made me wonder whether anyone knows of any similar places around the North West or neighbouring regions? It would be really handy having somewhere under one roof that sold such a wide range of bikes from different manufacturers. There is Millennium Motorcyle Centre near me who sell Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and a few other Chinese brands off the top of my head but just wonder
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Was a good idea. Guy actually bought it tonight. Was pleased with sale as guy was starting out and planning to do his CBT as soon as back to normal.
  4. Hi All, https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/599-2014-keeway-rkv125/1377075872?utm_source=WhatsApp&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android I have a 2014 Keeway RKV125 for sale. This is my first time I've ever sold a bike so any advice would be great. Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks both. The wonder of WD40 seems to have done the trick in terms of getting them working again for now. They're pretty poor indicators to be honest and I want to change them. I'm just struggling to find replacements that will be compatible
  6. Added photos of current indicator. Not sure if it helps
  7. So riding back home yesterday I noticed the indicator light on the dash was flashing fast. Looked at front left indicator and it wasn't flashing at all. Rear one was flashing fast. I bought a new bulb and fitted it but no luck. So it seems something bigger. The indicators are aftermarket. I'm now really struggling to get it back on and it's just hanging off. It's just twisting the wires and not going on properly. Looking at it, it looks a bit shot at. I'm useless with anything mechanical, electrical or technical! However does anyone know what I can do? Is it best to get some new i
  8. I think they tried to fix the original key but no luck at making it go back in again unfortunately. So I only have one new key now. Will get a spare one cut myself. May even get 2 extra just to he safe!
  9. Yeah thanks. I'll take it pretty easy. Roads are taking a while to dry.
  10. Pleased to say the bike is fixed and on it's way. Seems there was somehow some issue with the ignition from a previous broken key that they didn't see until they took it apart this morning. So the key that twisted was getting weakened for a while. Anyway it's fixed and the weather is improving and I've just taken delivery of my new shoei helmet which I love. Although I've just realised that all my gear is red and black so I sort of look like power ranger! All I can is that I'll be getting no work done this afternoon!!
  11. I was literally on my way to get my gear on for a quick spin and then noticed key
  12. No, it was a place in Huddersfield. Place you're thinking of must be Millennium Motorcycle Centre
  13. Yeah I was absolutely gutted but these things happen. It was poring down all day and there were brand new tyres on it so I think I'd like to go out anyway when it was a bit drier. It's in the centre. I just think it was on it's way out and just bent when it was turned. It is weird though as I say.
  14. Thanks very much. When the chap wheeled it out of the van earlier it was such a cool moment! It's strange it was supposed to come with two according to dealer but it seems the other one is a key you use to cut a new one if I remember right. They said they'd get two new ones cut anyway
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