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  1. the was a recall done on them i cant remember which year you better check, oil pump failure! oil pump runs off the timing belt the fault was the pulley would fail and timing belt comes off engine f**ked!!
  2. thats nothing come to swansea, they drive on wrong side here and have the cheek to honk there horns at you and call you every name under the sun!
  3. we got had 2 what box of shit they are if it like the 1s we got spend most of the time on charge or waiting to be fixed
  4. Tesco? This is Harrogate! It would have to be Waitrose reward points, or preferably a voucher for Fortnum & Mason. if i remember rightfully harrogate use to have kwik save
  5. cyberwolf


    Physio and ost can only treat certain conditions. If the pain is severe, and i mean proper severe not shandy drinking southern severe then the GP will eventually refer you to a specialist. You may then be granted a MRI scan. This is the only way to truly diagnose the issue. I know this from personal experience after having spinal surgery. Good luck. you can tell your gp to refer you to specialist, you don't have to wait for the gp to refer you, on side note not all gp are crap the lot that are specialist and also work in the hospital so give your gp a chance
  6. that not a Camping stove this is what you call a Camping stove
  7. if you going to get a spray gun get good one don't waste your time and money on cheap ebay crap! and it going to sound stupid but you need filter/regulator,
  8. cyberwolf

    Old SatNav

    funny you should say that, I found my old sat nav the other week and its same one as yours
  9. I used 2 stroke fuel in my lawnmower and strimmer for 2 years with no problems, i forgot they were 4 stroke
  10. that is 1 ugly bike more like a bus something stu ride
  11. Yeah I'll go with that lol I drive a taxi! no fooker going anywhere near my ass
  12. the bigger issue is paypay are not regulated by anyone like backs post office ect! use at your own risk as they can do what they like!
  13. I know your pain I made right mess off my nob, and them dickless docs say I need op on it, no way I'm letting them near it with knifes lol
  14. could be down to the bike you riding, some bikes can put stress on your arms, shoulder blade, back ect.
  15. Just the engine on the Renault , the complete car . just the engine, i had a focus and i had nothing but problems with it, turn out to have the renault engine in, they use the same engines in the c max
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