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  1. what is gdpr never heard of it if your owed holiday just take it or change job plenty of work about
  2. think all newer vans and cars have a diff lock button my movano does
  3. how comes all these so called celebs get a free holiday and get paid what a load off bollocks
  4. can't see the point in dogs smelly noisey and dangerous been bitten many times hate the things
  5. Stu it was a 50cc honda zoomer put a 125 in it and streched it nice in the summer to nip to the boat
  6. was going to clean it but someone has smashed both side windows in my van so got to use now to get down to boat to fit new wheelhouse doors
  7. keep safe everyone days are getting longer soon be summer
  8. I've got the rst battery heated gloves 3 settings find they do the job well and last well on a charge
  9. the problem is everybody is living a lot longer and using the nhs more my father in law 94 hasn't paid a penny in since he retired at 55 has taken far more out than he paid in don't know what the answer is although I wouldn't help any addicts just let them kill themselves also mental health has gone out OF control I would just lock em up most are sponges and bought the problem on themselves
  10. still think the nhs is the best had a small sore on my shoulder that just wouldn't heal phoned the doctor they said he would ring at 1.15 which he did got a appointment at clinic in 4 days within another 6 days had another appointment with a surgeon who cut it out just waiting now till the 22nd to get stiches out don't think it could of been better got nothing but praise for them
  11. get a shitter for a few quid then a few hundred quid out of pocket not a problem but not all of us Londoners are ar*eholes most are normal hard working I would be more concerned living up north them places look shit
  12. I will be doing the same LOVLEY photo
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