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  1. Once a week is what it's supposed to be https://www.visordown.com/news/general/welsh-police-urge-bikers-check-tyres-after-incident that will depend on how much i can fit in the panniers, and in the advice is as infrequently as possible and twice a week is my minimum in any case Lucky you ( or perhaps not?) I dont even have panniers and I have to shop for 5 in my house and 2 parents to old and vulnerable to do their own. I am shopping every day.| tragic really...
  2. I am very lucky that I have to commute to work every day as I am now working 4 full days and 3 half days. (local council) glorious weather lately. sometimes I take a 'wrong turn' on the way home and a 25 minute journey takes an hour. silly me eh...
  3. My quotes on go compare and money supermarket were just over £2000 for fully comp on a 125. direct with bikesure Fully comp inc breakdown cover £233.
  4. Short answer: Do the full license. Long answer: Doooooooo theeeeeeee fuuuuuul Liceeeeeense. Only reason I say that is once its done its final and having more options in life is almost always a good thing. Cost wise I am doing mine this year for full category. Theory cost £23 to book and I am going to have only 4 hours training. 2 for mod 1 and 2 for mod 2. Total cost will be under £250. DO IT!
  5. Thank you. first thing I did was get a hairdryer and give the cluster a cold blow. then squirted DW40 into the connections and left to dry out a bit before putting back together. nothing changed. probably needs replacing. I cant see anything obvious anywhere. I do have a little condensation in the clock unit itself though I wonder if the issue is further up. I might take the clock unit apart and do the same with wd40 and a cold blow. cheers.
  6. elegance and power defined. I am a little envious! enjoy.
  7. My speedomoter stopped working a few weeks back. then it started working again, then it stopped, then it started again. Now it stopped again. It appears to be an electronic sender so wires from a unit on the front wheel to the cluster in the clocks. does anyone know why an electronic device like this might fail intermitently like this? I'm guessing there must be some mechanical aspect to the unit for it to send a signal down the wire but the unit itself is not something I can take a apart. is it a case of just replacing the sender (£23) or is there something I can try to fix it? eithe
  8. That was my logic too. The exhaust is made of tofu or something similar. cheers.
  9. thank you , will take a nosey at those. Further to my advice re not lubricating teflon lined cables, here's a quote from Venhill (manufacturer of replacement cables and hoses) :- " ..... Lubrication will not improve performance or feel. By lubricating you run the risk of clogging the cable and allowing dirt to stick to the surfaces ....." I am somewhat a of a blank canvass here regarding bike engineering. I cannot understand if this post is relevant to mine or not, please clarify.
  10. Thats a whole new concept to me. i am going to hope that given my bike was made with noodles and arrowroot it wont have them. fingers crossed.
  11. jafman

    Chain Lubricant

    I use muc off wet lube (smells like purple grape juice) and I have to put it on twice a week as I commute. i clean the chain eevry week as well.
  12. Today I took off my rusting (chunks flaking off) exhaust and scrubbed it to death with wire brush and sand paper. I then spray painted it with BBQ paint. it looks great again, for how long who knows. I replaced the throttle grip as a small piece of plastic had snapped off making the throttle slack. I lubed the choke,throttle and clutch cable with 3 in 1 oil ( is that OK stuff to use and also is there a better wasy to get it in than sitting there half drip by half drip for 6 years?) I added some weighted bar ends to help with the finger numbing vibration ( they help a bit) I cleane
  13. Congratulations on passing your mod 2!
  14. They cover all bikes and even multi bike policies I know this is not entirely on topic but could not think where to post, I took out a policy today and made sure the forum was referenced. ended up being a little cheaper than last years. thank you.
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