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  1. Apparently not. The person who gave me my first jab said it is unlikely to get the same rough feeling after the second.
  2. I found sizing on bull it jeans really odd. The 32s were huge and the 30s were far too tight. Try helmet city as they had 50% off them.
  3. It is the Oxford HD chain and lock.
  4. As far as these specific chains go, I have little input. However from a brand perspective I would recommend Oxford, I have had someone try and grind through my Oxford chain without success, some pretty deep cuts in the links and scratches on the lock too. I also double up with an Oxford monster disc lock too. hope that helps in some way.
  5. Had my jab last Tuesday- was rough as hell on the Wednesday- fever, fatigue, pressure headache. Lasted most of the day but completely gone by the time I woke on Thursday, like nothing had happened. Being 37 I was the youngest there by about 30 years, received some very odd looks.
  6. Fantastic- such a great thing to do.
  7. Self inflicted visit are probably the better ones! They will at least have a story attached!
  8. Has he done it? Im B- and it was a huge stumbling block with the transplant process
  9. I believe they are changing the gay ruling for blood donations
  10. If it is the same process as a plasma exchange it isn’t a pleasant experience. They can do it one of two ways- lines in the neck or in the groin.
  11. I see, cheers. I don’t need a passport anytime soon- I’ll have to go the old paper route.
  12. Did that inc a new photo too? I need to do mine but need a new picture, been told I cannot do that online- main post office or send the paper form.
  13. 10 years...I have the upmost respect for long term dialysis.
  14. I’d like to get a holiday in this year, not the end of the world if not. Just done my first full year as a kidney transplant patient, which meant from late 2018 I wasn’t allowed more than hour away from my hospital and have my bag packed ready just in case. 2020 was supposed to have a bit normality to it . Just looking forward to spending more time with my wife and kids to be honest (kids are 5 and 3), in a more healthier capacity.
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