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  1. 10 years...I have the upmost respect for long term dialysis.
  2. I’d like to get a holiday in this year, not the end of the world if not. Just done my first full year as a kidney transplant patient, which meant from late 2018 I wasn’t allowed more than hour away from my hospital and have my bag packed ready just in case. 2020 was supposed to have a bit normality to it . Just looking forward to spending more time with my wife and kids to be honest (kids are 5 and 3), in a more healthier capacity.
  3. Ordered some new levers, as the clutch lever is really far out and I have proper small hands.
  4. A mate of mine who works in the hospital admin sector had the Pfizer jab last week- he said he just felt groggy for a few days. I’m due mine anytime between now and mid Feb according to my consultant. Not sure which one though.
  5. Do it, it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  6. Took delivery of a Honda CB500F on Friday- 2016 model in I would argue is a marmite colour by I love it. In response to @Six30 I do turn around around to look it- and stare out of the window to look at it!
  7. I think this is probably the route I will be going down. Get an ‘interim’ bike to gain more experience whilst trying to make sense of what everything means and what I really want. So far it is between a 2016 Cb500f and a 2012 XJ6 Diversion F. At dealers 10mins from. However the XJ6 dealer is pay and deliver so no viewing or sitting which is freaking me out a bit as I’m concerned about the weight being 30ish kg heavier than the heaviest bike I’ve ridden.
  8. Recently passed my Mod 1 (7th Dec) at Uxbridge test centre, thought I’d add to the thread. Might be useful to those waiting. My DAS was Thursday - Sunday with Mod 1 on the Monday........I was lucky enough that the school could book some time on the test pad for the Saturday lesson which helped massively with getting familiar with the faster speed exercises and what I think is maybe a little overlooked the surface( not sure if it is the same nationwide) but the dedicated ‘arena’ so to speak has an amazing riding surface, you just stick to it around that bend. Anyway the
  9. I often see a black thruxton when travelling into East Acton via the A40....would be an odd coincidence if it were you.
  10. That’s a very valid point. And the SV650 felt more than enough. I like the idea of the one day return idea- won’t know unless I ask.
  11. That’s what I was trying to get at albeit in a very long winded way...to understand how everyone decides on the bike to buy. Have people bought ‘dream’ bikes, however you define dream, liked it, loved it or hated it. I guess because the dealers locally at least have said effectively no test rides, I’m not sure just sitting on it will be enough. someone mentioned the XJ6, which is in my shortlist. To answer Six...I’m not sure if I NEED a fairing, only ever ridden naked bikes wind hasn’t been an issue- so nothing to compare if it is better with to be honest. Although
  12. In reality it probably isn’t heavy....just felt heavier than the 500 I was on the day before. I suppose this is all part of the process. I’ll see what happens when I can just go into a dealer and look around.
  13. Yes, that got me on my second day on DAS. I thought the CB500 was nice and light, compared to the sv650- which felt a lot bigger. Once they bot( got going the weight wasn’t a problem, but I did notice it every time I came to a stop. As well as being short I’m 67kg soaking wet.
  14. BMW isnt something I’ve looked at yet....might have to have a scout around. Cheers
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