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  1. Get test passed !!! Get bike finished and get out on it. Sort my allotment out. Just got onions and garlic growing atm. Maybe move my greenhouse there then build a covered area where it is now so i can put bikes undercover when i need shed space. Its possible theres going to be 4 bikes in there and father in law reckons hes going to give me his virago ......
  2. Took Betty's back wheel off and gave it a good clean but i was actually after the chain. Thats now sparkling and soaking in a bucket of oil. Checked spark plug....spot on changed oil, should have been done sooner it was grim. Have to say its a cracking little bike and im so lucky to have it. Ideal learners bike. Put Kat on paddock stands and ordered a fuel filter. Feel better now im messing with bikes. I think Andy might be getting a Triumph Tiger !!! Need a bigger shed !!!
  3. Having a melt down tbh...both bikes were up for sale yesterday.....i got my shit together and went out on Betty for a couple of hours....i dont think ill ever get rid of her but the the big one....it just pisses me right off that ive paid to get it going and its not going. Work is dwindling fast and each penny is getting more and more precious. Anyway i got the paddock stands back yesterday so im going to stick her back on those to keep her new shoes off the concrete for the foreseeable....thats all i can muster up from the hole of gloom im in....i dont like freddos or haribo and the cur
  4. Its possible i might sell the bike. I may be just in the throws of lockdown blues but thought id ask on here before putting up for sale elsewhere....not made any definite decisions yet.
  5. Oh poo !!! Hope you both shake it off quickly !!
  6. Might take you up on half of it Noooooooo !!! No no no no no....ill go take pics of it today and see if i can knock hom down.
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