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  1. so you have the one before the XL. Ive seen footage and it looked good.. got wet a little too before rider put it away.
  2. I think that would trigger hulk smash mode.. When in Krakow on my own, I noticed a waiter was asking others if they wanted more drinks etc, mine was empty and he didnt even look my way.. So off I went with empty glass and had a word.. I think he was put off by a guy on his own..
  3. Although when I did think sod it and went for dinner, I ended up sat on a table next to a couple and got chatting. He was a biker and used to teach bike safe with the Police., so it wasnt too bad. But that was a good day..
  4. Is it the 4k one or the one before the XL. they confuse me lol
  5. Watched so much youtube I fear I may know too much about drill bits breaking strain in ft pounds of torque, and loads of other odd facts.. cutting my own hair is also getting easier. or im losing it
  6. Seriously need this as I doing the front wheel is annoying,, cheers
  7. I looked these up on youtube and saw nothing but trouble. But it did seem like a fix was found late 2020 which must be what has happened to you.. Great cameras when work it seems
  8. Id love to ride around Thailand and anywhere with nice roads and exotic. Not hours on the bike as such as stopping to take pics and chill also crucial.. Im not bothered about riding there though.
  9. I saw them after watching an amazon program. Looked well organised but very tough. Was to China. I think the knowledge they take and the back up van was essential. As said above the company is good when traveling. I went to Poland on my own, not by bike and found going for dinner a little awkward.. So i think there good for the right trip
  10. happy to get married closer to home.. I photograph weddings and see how tough it is on family to travel, get hotels etc/
  11. Lol no. My family don't like to travel and the cost would be alot more
  12. You might be right, but its something we want to do. my Mrs is from there and has never seen it by bike. Europe will be another trip.
  13. its the week after the wedding, all I seem to be looking at is a need for money lol.
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