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  1. Wait for the revs to pick up 10 secs... Upto 30 in cold weather
  2. I looked into this when I had 125s for many years, just buy premium tyres of the right size. They'll give you a lot more confidence.
  3. Cars and trucks go slowly round roundabouts dropping more oil there, wait till you're more up right before applying throttle. It's easier to catch the slide then.
  4. Yes, two guys at work. I've given up riding, if I got on one now I'd kill myself, they're just too powerful...
  5. With a car you get 2 years with the theory test then have to retake, but you're still expected to learn to drive with an experienced driver over 21. On a motorbike you're solo on CBT so they want to know you're safe I guess. On the subject of training, I've definitely seen people having lessons
  6. Don't know, has put me right off replying with advice
  7. There's only one true TDC, but it can appear to be at the exhaust side or intake. It's been a while since I looked at one so do read up on it as it sounds like you weren't aware and may have set it wrong.
  8. hum, I chucked the old bush will have a look around my many bits and bobs
  9. So I'm trying to put this thing back together after removing the top lower bush. Won't go back in, now I remember thinking bushes need pressing back in. Am I right in thinking it needs a special tool of which I'll never use again? For clarity I can't get the oil seal back on because this bush isn't sitting flush.
  10. Bought our first newish car, had been waiting for the DVLA to send a letter saying MOT is due after it's 3rd birthday, completely forgot about it. 5 months later realised shit we should have done it without being prompted got an MOT, no fine.
  11. I'm a key worker twice over, the roads are heaven out there. No not been on my motorbike though, might get it warmed up ready for tomorrow though.
  12. I thought it was to lower the chance of the bike flipping in an accident... Rather just slide down the road instead
  13. When I first got my motorbike yes all the time. But then slowly but surely it was all about going faster and faster. I did use to enjoy cycling all over the countryside on my push bike. Spent 8 hours going to London and back once.
  14. Traveling home from work at 6am guy stumbling in the middle of a usually very busy main road, drunk he said he'd walked from 12 odd miles away, said he was a prison officer built like brick shit house and tattoos to boot. Gave him a lift home. Months later a guy is walking on the side of the road where a lady had been killed the week before so I offered him a lift, turns out he's just been released from prison. Was a Sunday late at night gave him a lift into town to catch a train. He gets out days he's lost his change in my car. Is fumbling around for ages I think great this is where he shanks
  15. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=u4nkf_1580926519
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