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  1. Post it to me, I'll recover it for you
  2. I only need the hard disk. if it still spins I can get something off it
  3. I’ve done data recovery for 20 years I can take a look at it.
  4. have you opened the meter , some have a spare fuse inside. mine does
  5. don't worry about the swerve that's the best bit of road you'll ever ride on
  6. fredc

    3D printing

    I have black filament on order. I’ll do you a coloured one to check the fit meantime.
  7. fredc

    3D printing

    the stl file is on the same link as the pictures
  8. fredc

    3D printing

    I can see it now , the original link didn't have a recess
  9. fredc

    3D printing

    what does it do, it looks like a solid block of plastic
  10. fredc

    3D printing

    I have a 3d printer what can I do for you
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